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How do I enable or disable social automations?

Social Automations is a powerful feature by Nelio Content that allows you to automatically generate social messages.

On the one hand, it includes the Content Promotion automation. That is, after writing a post, press the Customize Timeline button in the Social Media section of the post’s edit sidebar and automatically generate the messages that will promote that post.

On the other hand, there is the Reshare old content automation, where the editorial calendar of Nelio Content will automatically generate social messages to promote the best existing content of your blog.

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

The activation and deactivation of automations can be done at different levels as explained below:

Enable/Disable automations in global settings

By default, Nelio Content assumes you’ll want to promote all your content:

Nelio Content social settings

If you do not want all posts to be promoted automatically, go to Nelio’s advanced settings and set the Automatic Social Sharing setting to “Exclude all posts, unless stated otherwise.”

Enable/Disable automation in social profiles

When connecting any social profile to Nelio Content, only manual messages can be created in that profile.

Social Profile Settings

If you want messages to be posted automatically to any profile, make sure you have included that profile in one of the automation groups (more info on this later).

Pefiles sociales con automatismos activados

In the image above, the automatic message sharing icons are shown for each profile included in a group of automations.

Enable/Disable automations of a post or other content

You can also customize the automatic message generation settings individually, regardless of what you have defined globally. In the sidebar of editing a post or other content managed by Nelio Content, in the Social Media section, are the Automation Settings that you can specify individually for that post or content.

You can indicate if you want that content to be shared on social networks and the period of time for the post to be published once it is published:

Opciones de compartir en redes sociales

So, for example, if a new post talks about something new, like a special offer for a couple of days that only makes sense to promote it at the time it is published, you can prevent that content from being promoted again in the future automatically in social networks.

Enable/Disable automatism groups

In order for messages to be generated automatically, it is essential that there is an active automation group. This must include at least one social profile with posting and/or re-sharing frequencies greater than zero and a social template to generate messages automatically.

Pestaña de publicación de un perfil incluido en un grupo de automatismos

In the following article we explain what the automation groups are, how to activate them and how to customize them to generate automatic messages to promote your content.