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How do I enable or disable social automations?

Social Automations is a powerful feature by Nelio Content that allows you to automatically generate social messages.

On the one hand, it includes the Automatic Content Promotion automatism. After typing a post, press the button Customize Timeline in the Social Media box under the post and automatically generate the messages that will promote that post.

Button for Creating Social Messages Automatically
Creating Social Messages has never been this easy! With this button, Nelio Content will analyze your content and generate all the messages you need.

On the other hand, there is the Reshare old content automation, where the editorial calendar of Nelio Content will automatically generate those social messages that will promote the best existing content of your blog.

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.
Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

Enable/Disable automation in social profiles

Automations can be enabled or disabled for each social profile connected to Nelio Content.

To do this, if you have selected a High, Medium or Low frequency of automatic publication, it’s as easy as clicking the Publication or Reshare icons that are at the right of each social profile in the list of Connected Profiles of Settings » Social Profiles 

Connected social profiles.
Screenshot of the connected social profiles.

In this way, we make sure that only messages for those selected profiles will be generated.

By default, social profiles have enabled the Automatic content promotion automatism and disabled the Reshare old content automation.

Alternatively, you can also indicate that the frequency will be customized for each of the created profiles.

Auto-publication frequency selector
Auto-publication frequency selector.

In this is the case, you must indicate for each profile:

  • the number of social messages you want to be generated to promote each post that is published (enter the number in the first field at the right of the social profile), and
  • the maximum number of social messages you want to be published in each profile to re-share old content (enter the number in the second field at the right of the social profile).

Global Automatic Sharing

You can also indicate what you want to be the default behavior regarding automations, in the Advanced tab of the plugin’s Settings, by selecting:

  • Includes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. Nelio Content may share any post on your blog, except those that you’ve explicitly excluded from the reshare process.
  • Excludes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. The opposite from the previous setting. That is, by default, Nelio Content will not share anything, except those posts you’ve explicitly marked as reshareable.
  • End sharing period for old content: by default Nelio Content never stops sharing old content, but you can also select from the drop-down if you want to stop sharing content once it’s one month, two months, three months, six months or one year old.
Advanced settings about authomatic social sharing
On the Advanced Settings tab, select whether you want social messages to be created automatically from all posts, unless explicitly stated otherwise on a post (this is the default setting), or whether you don’t want social messages to be created and will explicitly indicate when you want a post to be shared automatically.

Enable/Disable automatism of a post

Finally, you can customize the automatic message generation settings individually, regardless of what you have defined globally. At the end of a post, in the Social Media section, there are the Social Settings that you can specify individually for said post.

Social settings of a post
Checking the automation sources to take into account for the promotion of a post.

You can indicate the post’s sharing end period once published.

Selection of how to automatically share a specific post on social networks
Selection of how to automatically share a specific post on social networks.

Therefore, even if you generally want all old content to be re-shared in the future, this setting allows you to specify that a certain post should only be shared for a specific period of time.

So, for example, if a new post talks about something new, like a special offer for a couple of days that only makes sense to promote it at the time it is published, you can prevent that content from being promoted again in the future automatically in social networks.