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What is an editorial task?

Writing high-quality content and running a successful website is not easy. There’s a lot of work involved—you need to decide the topics you’ll cover in your web and which posts will further elaborate those topics, think about how you’ll promote your content, look for resources, link those resources, get in touch with other authors and build a community, search images to depict your ideas…

Editorial tasks are a simple tool that help you organize all the activities related to crafting posts and other editorial activites. In essence, tasks are activites that someone (either you or a member in your team) has to get done before its due date. And there are two type of tasks:

  • general tasks intended to help you cope with general activities, such as «Assign posts to John and Mary» or «Check what’s new in WordPress 5.0 and schedule two posts to discuss it», and
  • post’s tasks: tasks created for tracking all writing and promoting activities related to a particular post. Some example includes «Looking for a featured image» or «Translate the post to Spanish».
Editorial Task List

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