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Can I edit an automatic social message?

Absolutely. Automatic Social Messages are part of Social Automations, a Nelio Content feature that processes the content you write in your WordPress blog and generates all the required social messages to broaden your audience and maximize the impact of your posts throughout all your connected social accounts. You’ll find automatic messages in the Social Timeline of your posts and in your Editorial Calendar.

Automatic messages in the Social Timeline are created under demand. After you’ve written a new post in your blog, you can fill its timeline with social messages by either creating them manually, one by one, or clicking on Customize Timeline and letting Nelio do the job.

Botón línea del tiempo de Nelio Content

Nelio creates automatic social messages by summarizing your post, extracting the most relevant sentences in its content, and using any available social templates.

Nelio content timeline for publication

The editorial calendar will show all the social messages you’ve created in the timeline of a post along with any Reshare messages that Nelio created on its own to keep promoting your blog on social media.

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.
Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

Automatic social messages look slightly different than regular, manual messages in both the editorial calendar and the social timeline. You can easily identify the former because they are written in italics, and include a Publication/Reshare icon. Automatic messages behave exactly like a manual message—you can edit their content, move around the calendar, change their profile, and so on. That is, you’re free to completely modify an automatic social message as if it were a manual oneHowever, if you do so, the message will be automatically changed from automatic to manual.