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How do I edit a post in the calendar?

You can edit posts while you’re on the calendar page—just click on the post to open the following modal dialog:

Dialog for Editing Posts in the Editorial Calendar
Dialog for editing WordPress posts in the editorial calendar. Easily change post titles, authors, and publication dates and times.

This dialog is very similar to the one you see when creating new posts, but slightly simpler. With it, you can easily change:

  • the post title,
  • its author,
  • its publication date and time,
  • additional details:
    • the post taxonomies,
    • the post tasks, and
    • suggested references.

If you’re interested in changing anything else (such as, for instance, its content, its excerpt, or its featured image), click on Edit and the post will be opened using WordPress’ built-in post editor.

Reschedule a Post

Remember you can also use the Editorial Calendar’s drag-and-drop functionality to reschedule a post easily—just click (and maintain) on the post you want to reschedule and move it to the new day in which it has to be published.