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Can I edit an editorial task?

No*, editorial tasks can’t be edited—after you’ve created a task and assigned it to one of your colleagues, the task can’t be changed. You’re only allowed to change its status—that is, whether it’s completed or still pending.

If you want to modify a task, delete it and create a new one. Just make the new task a “copy” of the old one, with whatever changes you wanted to apply.

* Exceptions

Even though tasks can’t be edited, there’s a couple of exceptions in which you’re actually “editing” a task:

  1. In the editorial calendar, you can drag and drop tasks from one day to another. Therefore, it’s possible to change a task’s due date.
  2. If the due date of a task depends on a post’s publication date (for instance, “task X must be completed three days before publishing post Y“), then rescheduling the post also moves the task around. In this particular case, though, the task is not actually changed—it still has to be completed “three days before publishing the post”, but this deadline changes as the post’s publication date changes.