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What’s the difference between Yoast SEO’s evaluation and Nelio’s?

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. This plugin shows in the Yoast SEO box that appears when you edit a post some indicators regarding SEO and quality of the post you are editing. Nelio Content integrates with Yoast SEO including these indicators within its own analysis.

The main difference between the quality evaluation of Yoast SEO and Nelio Content is that Yoast focuses primarily on metrics that serve to improve the SEO of the content, while Nelio Content is responsible for controlling that the post is complete.

We understand that a post is complete when you have assigned categories and tags, the length of its content meets a certain minimum, the post has a featured image and includes images in the content, it references both internal and external links, among other indicators.

In recent versions of Yoast SEO plugin, it also includes an analysis of the readability level of posts. You can see the details of this analysis directly on Yoast’s web.