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How do I delete a social profile in Nelio Content?

If you want to delete any social profile from Nelio Content, go to the Account Details page of the Nelio Content plugin in the WordPress Dashboard. There, select the Social Profiles tab which shows your available social profiles.

Social Profile Settings

To delete any of them, just click on the Delete button next to the social profile. After confirming that you do want to delete it, the profile will no longer be available on your site and will disappear from the list. Remember that if you delete a social profile here, Nelio Content will also eliminate all social messages you had scheduled for that profile.

Other considerations

Note that the fact of disconnecting a social profile from your website does not completely remove the permissions you gave Nelio Content to publish in the profile. This is because you can have your profile connected to other sites that use Nelio Content and still need it.

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