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How do I delete a social message?

Social messages are messages shared on social Networks by Nelio Content aimed at promoting your content and driving more traffic to your web. Usually, these messages are related to a concrete post in your blog—that’s why you should create and schedule them while you’re crafting new blog posts. However, it’s also possible to manage your social messages using Nelio’s editorial calendar. In the following, we’ll see how to delete social messages in each situation.

Dashboard Page for Editing Blog Posts

Nelio Content adds a new box in your edit post page—Social Media. This box contains all the scheduled social messages, properly classified and sorted in a simple timeline:

Timeline of Scheduled Social Messages
Screenshot of the Social Media box. There, you can see which social messages are scheduled to promote a certain post and add new ones.

To delete a message, just hover over it with your mouse and you’ll see which actions are available:

Social Message in Social Media Timeline
When hovering over a social message in the social media box, you’ll see which actions are available.

Click on the Trash icon to remove it. Remember this operation cannot be undone.

Editorial Calendar

To remove a social message in the editorial calendar just use its built-in drag-and-drop functionality. Just click on a social message and drag it around the page. When doing so, Nelio Content will show new the Trash at the top of the calendar. Drag the social message over the Trash icon and drop it there. You’ll notice you’re hovering the Trash icon properly because its background color will change:

Drag-and-Drop Calendar
You can drag and drop all the elements that appear in the dialog and, hence, re-schedule or remove them. Whilst dragging an element, the actions in the calendar change—drop an element onto the trash to remove it and hover the Next/Previous icons to change the current month.

Once you drop the social message (as depicted in the previous screenshot), the social message will be deleted. Note that this action cannot be reversed, so be careful!

Indirect Ways to Delete Social Messages

Nelio Content might “automatically” remove your social messages, even if you don’t delete them specifically. In particular, if you remove (not trash) a post or a social profile, all related social messages will be removed too (because the post they were promoting does no longer exist or the social profile they used is no longer available).