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How do I create a social message?

Social messages are messages shared on social Networks by Nelio Content aimed at promoting your content and driving more traffic to your web. Usually, these messages are related to a concrete post in your blog—that’s why you should create and schedule them while you’re crafting new blog posts. However, it’s also possible to create new messages using Nelio’s editorial calendar. Finally, you also have the option of creating a social message from Nelio Content analytics and from an RSS feed. Here’s how to create social messages from all three locations.

Dashboard Page for Editing Blog Posts

To create a social message from the edit page of a post or other content, simply look for the Social Media section of the Nelio Content sidebar.

In this section you will find a timeline with all the messages that are scheduled for that post

Captura de pantalla de la caja social media


The previous timeline is divided into four different blocks—the closer a social message will be shared to the post’s publication date, the sooner it appears in the timeline. In essence, a post can be shared on the publication day, during that week, during that month, or anytime later.

In every block, Nelio shows a message placeholder or button (Add Social Message). Clicking on any of thesm, you’ll be able to schedule a new social message.

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages

Fill in all the fields in the previous dialog to create a new social message.

There’s also the possibility to automatically create social messages when using Social Automations with Nelio Content Premium. To learn more about it, please read this introduction to Social Automations.

Editorial Calendar

If you want to create a new social message using Nelio’s Editorial Calendar, click on the button at the top left of the calendar and then click on Social Message icon:

Screenshot showing the available actions in the editorial calendar. If you put the mouse over the + symbol, actions to (a) create new entries, (b) adding social messages, and (c) create new tasks will appear.

This will open the following dialog:

Dialog to create new social messages from the editorial calendar with Nelio Content.

which allows you to create the new message. If you look at it carefully, you’ll realize there’s a tiny difference between this and the previous dialog—you can now share an old post. Click on this link and the following selector will be available:

Old Post Selector

As we did before, click on Create once you’ve filled in all required fields. This button will remain disabled until all required fields are properly set. Hover over the button while it’s disabled to discover what’s amiss.

Another option for creating new social messages is the action icons included in each individual day. However, over a day in the calendar with your mouse and you’ll see a + with the following actions:

Screenshot showing the available actions for a particular day in the editorial calendar. If you put the mouse over the + symbol, actions to (a) create new entries, (b) adding social messages, and (c) create new tasks will appear.

Click on the icon in the middle (b) to open the dialogue. If you use one of these icons, the new message’s publication date will be automatically set to the selected day.

Nelio Content Analytics

With Nelio Content you will obtain the statistics that really matter directly on your WordPress dashboard.

In particular, in our analytics page you will know, for each post:

Detail of the analytics of a post in the Analytics page of Nelio Content.
  • Pageviews: indicates how many pageviews according to Google Analytics have received this post.
  • Engagement: shows the engagement of your audience in social networks (according to the analytics of those social networks).
  • Social Queue: indicates the number of social messages planned to promote a post.

By seeing which posts are most popular and which social networks have generated more impact, you can re-promote them by simply clicking the Add Message button.

Detail of the social queue of a post in the Analytics page of Nelio Content.

This opens up the same modal dialogue of adding a social message that we saw earlier in the editorial calendar.


Nelio Content Feeds allows you to view the RSS feeds (view the headlines and link to the published content) of your favorite blogs directly on your WordPress so you can share them on your social networks. To do so, simply go to the Feeds menu that appears within Nelio Content on your WordPress Dashboard.

To create a new social message, select the content of a feed and click the Share button below it. From there create the social message by linking to the content of the feed as shown in the video below.

Note that after creating the social message, that feed will be shown as marked so that you don’t share it again by mistake.