How do I create an editorial task?

Editorial Tasks are extremely helpful for monitoring and tracking all the activities that you and your team have to take care of. To create a new editorial task, click on the Add Task button in the Editorial Tasks box:

Editorial Task List
Screenshot of the editorial task box. It contains a list with all the tasks (completed, pending, and overdue) that are related to the current post.

This will open the following form:

Screenshot showing the form to create new editorial tasks.
Screenshot showing the form to create new editorial tasks.

which will allow you to create the new task. These are the fields it includes:

  1. Task. The first field contains a description of the task to be completed, such as “Translate post to Spanish” or “Check and fix typos”.
  2. Assignee. The WordPress user that’s responsible of completing the task. You can obviously be the assignee of a task.
  3. Due Date. The date in which the task must be completed. No one’s stopping you or anyone from completing tasks before their due dates. It’s not even mandatory to complete them at all, as you can see in the previous screenshot, where the task “Call John” is overdue. Tasks are here to help, not to get in your way.

Once all fields are filled, click on Add Task to create the task.

Please keep in mind that editorial tasks can’t be edited—if you got something wrong, delete the task and create it from scratch.