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How do I connect my Pinterest account to Nelio Content?

Nelio Content allows you to share your blog content through Pinterest pins.

Connecting a Pinterest account is very similar to connecting other social networks. To do this, click on the Pinterest icon that you will find on Nelio Content’s Settings » Social Profiles tab.

Adding a new social profile

Once you select the Pinterest icon, a dialog box will appear in which you will have to select whether you want to connect the Pinterest profile through Nelio Content or through Buffer.

Connect your Pinterest profile directly with Nelio Content

If you have clicked the Pinterest icon, and you’re already signed in on Pinterest, a new window asking you to authorize Nelio Content to use your Pinterest account will pop up.

Authorization to allow Nelio Content to use your Pinterest social profile.

If you weren’t, sign in first:

Connect your Pinterest social profile to Nelio Content.

Once you’ve given your authorization to Nelio Content, your Connected Profiles list will contain the new Pinterest profile:

Social Profile Settings

Note that publishing on Pinterest is a little different than with other social networks since you must have previously indicated the Pinterest board (or boards) on which you want a “pin” to be published.

Connect your Pinterest profile through Buffer

Alternatively, you have the option to connect your Pinterest profile through Buffer as explained in the following link: