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How do I connect my LinkedIn account to Nelio Content?

Nelio Content allows you to publish content on your professional or company profile on LinkedIn. Let’s see how you can authorize Nelio Content to publish on your LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Professional Profile

If you want to publish social messages on your LinkedIn professional profile, go to the Nelio Content Settings page and click on the LinkedIn icon.

Adding a new social profile
Screenshot of the social networks supported by Nelio Content. If you click on an icon, you’ll be able to connect a new profile for the selected social network.

A new window will requesting you to authorize Nelio Content to use your LinkedIn profile will pop up:

Requesting authorization to use LinkedIn
Screenshot of popup window requesting your authorization to allow Nelio Content to use your social profile on LinkedIn:

After allowing access to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll see the new LinkedIn profile on your list of Connected Profiles.

Social Profile Settings
Screenshot of our Social Profile Settings screen. You can easily add, remove, and manage the social profiles you connected to Nelio Content.

LinkedIn Company

The process of connecting a LinkedIn company profile to Nelio Content is very similar to connecting the personal profile. Just click on the icon LinkedIn Company and you’ll visualize the list of companies in your professional LinkedIn profile that you have access to.

List of companies on LinkedIn you can connect to Nelio Content.
Screenshot showing the list of companies managed by a professional profile on LinkedIn and which you can connect to Nelio Content.

Click on the Connect button located by the LinkedIn Company to connect that company to Nelio Content.