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How do I connect my Instagram Profile to Nelio Content?

Posting messages on Instagram with Nelio Content is a bit different than with other social networks because Instagram does not allow automatic posting from third parties through an API. If an application attempts to automatically post your messages on Instagram, you may be violating Instagram’s Terms of Use and your account may be at risk of being suspended or banned.

For this reason, Nelio Content offers the ability to publish Instagram posts with the help of Buffer. The setup is different compared to other social profiles, so please take the time to go through all the steps to make sure the account is connected successfully.

Create a Buffer Free Account

Notice that for Nelio Content to work the Buffer free account is enough. However, notice that currently, Buffer makes no mention of a free account in their pricing info (they used to do it, but recently changed) or elsewhere on the site. Now, it is necessary to sign up for a pro account, wait for the free trial to end, and then have your Buffer account downgraded to a free one.

Forget about the limitation of posting ten times per month because that’s for scheduling messages in their queue. By using Nelio Content, you will be able to publish messages at the moment, without scheduling in the Buffer queue, so that such limitation does not apply.

Connect Instagram Channel

Once you’ve created your Buffer account, Buffer will ask you to connect your first channel. Select the Instagram Business account.

Screenshot of the Connect a Channel in Buffer
Screenshot of the Connect a Channel in Buffer

In case you were not logged into Facebook, a new pop-up will request to do so. Connecting Instagram channel in Buffer is very easy and Buffer will ask you to select the Instagram account you want to use with Buffer and what you allow Buffer to do. If you need more details you can read Buffer instructions on how to add Instagram. 

How to Add an Instagram Profile to Nelio Content

Then, go to Nelio Content – Settings page and select the Instagram icon.

Adding a new social profile
Screenshot of the social networks supported by Nelio Content. If you click on an icon, you’ll be able to connect a new profile for the selected social network.

In case you aren’t logged in on Buffer, a new popup window will ask you to sign in.

Sign in on Buffer
Screenshot of the window that will allow you to sign in on Buffer

Once signed in, a new popup on your browser will ask you to authorize Nelio Content to publish on your Buffer account.

Authorize Nelio Content to publish on your Buffer account
Authorize Nelio Content to publish on your Buffer account.

Once Nelio Content has access to your Buffer account, a new popup will open on your browser. There, select the Instagram Profile to which you want to connect.

Selecting Instagram Profiles
Screenshot of Instagram Profiles connected to a Buffer account.

After clicking on Connect you’ll see your Instagram social profile in the list of Connected Profiles.

Social Profile Settings
Screenshot of our Social Profile Settings screen. You can easily add, remove, and manage the social profiles you connected to Nelio Content.