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How do I connect Google Analytics with Nelio Content Analytics?

Note: As of July 1, 2023, Google’s Universal Analytics stopped processing data and was replaced by Google Analytics 4, GA4. Here we explain how to connect Nelio Content with GA4.

You can connect your Google Analytics (GA4) account with Nelio Content so you can get a more complete analytics detail about your content. To do this connection, go to the Settings menu of Nelio Content and, once there, in the Advanced tab you will see the Connect Google Analytics button on the Analytics section.

Include your Google Analytics data in the Nelio Content analytics calculation process by clicking the "Connect Google Analytics" button in the plugin's settings.

Once you click the button, a Google dialog will open for you to select the Google account that has access to Google Analytics.

Google account selection dialog.

After selecting the account, allow Nelio Content access to Google Analytics. Note that Nelio Content only needs read access, so it will not modify anything in your Google Analytics or compromise your settings.

Google authorization dialog to allow Nelio Content view Google Analytics data.

Once you have given Nelio Content permission to read data from your Google Analytics, you only need to enter the ID of the GA4 property in the Analytics data text field.

You can follow the instructions linked below the field to copy the ID.

Validation code to authorize access to Google Analytics data.

Once pasted the property ID, Nelio Content will now be able to access your GA4 account data.

As you can see in the image above, click on the Refresh Analytics button to make them available in Nelio Content. You will see that a new window will open, where you can select the time period of the analytics you want to update. And once selected, you will see how many posts have been updated.

Note that the only information that is updated is what you have available in GA4.

Finally, remember to click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Select the Google Analytics view that will be used to read the data needed to complete the analytics of Nelio Content.

This way you will have successfully connected your GA4 account with Nelio Content and from now on the analytics will be progressively calculated taking into account this new configuration. You will have access to them with the new menu tab, Analytics, that you will find in the Nelio Content plugin.

You will find more information about what Nelio Content analytics are in the following link: