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How do I connect my Bluesky account to Nelio Content?

Nelio Content allows you to publish content on your personal Bluesky profile. Let’s see how you can authorize Nelio Content to publish on Bluesky

Go to the Nelio Content Settings » Social Profiles page and select the Bluesky icon.

Adding a new social profile

The following window will pop up:

Dialog to connect a Bluesky profile with Nelio Content

Enter your username and then you can enter your Bluesky app password or click on the Bluesky App Passwords link to create a new password that you’ll use to authenticate the connection with Nelio Content.

Add a new password to connect a BlueSky profile to Nelio Content

Click on Add App Password and enter a password name to identify the Nelio Content app, as for example, Nelio Content and click on Create App Password.

Dialog in Bluesky to create a new App password

A password will be generated that you simply copy,

Bluesky dialog showing an App password

and paste into the login screen above and click on Check connection

Check bluesky password

If the identifier and password are correct, you’ll the profile authentication has been validated and you’ll be able to continue.

Bluesky connection dialog showing a successful result

Now, you will see the new Bluesky profile on your list of Connected Profiles.

Social Profile Settings