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Can I change the required post’s copy length?

Nelio Content’s quality analysis evaluates the length of your posts and lets you know when a post is too short. By default, if your post has fewer than 700 words, it’s bad; if it has between 700 and 1000, it’s improvable; and if it has more than 1000, it’s good. You can change these thresholds using the following snippet:

function nc_customize_word_count_thresholds() {
  $script = <<<JS
      { improvableThreshold: 700, goodThreshold: 1000 }
  wp_add_inline_script( 'nelio-content-edit-post', $script );
add_filter( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'nc_customize_word_count_thresholds' );Code language: PHP (php)

and setting the desired values in improveThreshold and goodThreshold attributes. To add this snippet in your site, just copy and paste it in your current theme’s functions.php file (which we don’t recommend) or create a tiny plugin that contains all your customizations, as described in this post, and paste the snippet in it.