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Can I customize the available post statuses?

Absolutely. By default, Nelio Content exposes the following post statuses for all its managed post types, which correspond to WordPress’ default statuses:

  • Draft
  • Pending Review
  • Scheduled
  • Published

If you want to use a different set of statuses for a given post type, you can do so by filtering them with Nelio Content’s nelio_content_post_statuses filter. For instance, imagine you have a new blog post status called “In progress” (in-progress) that tells an editor that the author of a given post is working on it. Even though this new status has been probably registered using register_post_status, it won’t be available in Nelio Content until you add it as follows:

  function ( $statuses, $post_type ) {
    if ( 'post' !== $post_type ) {
      return $statuses;
    $statuses[] = array(
      'slug'   => 'in-progress',
      'name'   => 'In Progress',
      'icon'   => 'format-status',
      'colors' => array(
        'main'       => '#f9d510',
        'background' => '#fffdf1',
    return $statuses;
);Code language: PHP (php)

Status Format

It’s important to notice that each status in the $statuses array must be an array with the following keys and value types:

  • slug (string) Required. Internal name of the status.
  • name (string) Required. User-friendly name of the status that’ll be used in the UI.
  • icon (string) Optional. The name of a dashicon.
  • colors (array) Optional. List of colors that will be used in the editorial calendar. When set, the expected keys/values are:
    • main (string) Optional. Top border color of the post’s container.
    • background (string) Optional. Background color of the post’s container.