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What are the benefits of using Nelio’s editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a simple tool that helps you to publish new content consistently. In essence, it’s an easy way to set deadlines and, thus, schedule your upcoming tasks.

Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar brings this idea into your WordPress Dashboard. It’s simple, elegant, and extremely functional. Don’t waste any more time thinking about what you should write about or who should take care of what—Nelio Content will encourage you to set a clear content marketing strategy so that you can focus your efforts on carrying it on.

Overview of the Editorial Calendar
Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Editorial Calendar. It shows all your published and scheduled posts, as well as all the social messages that will help you to promote them in your social networks and the related tasks.

Overview – Posts, Social Messages, and Editorial Tasks

The calendar offers an outstanding overview of all your upcoming content. You can easily move from one month to the other and make sure that all relevant topics are covered.

The Editorial Calendar Highlights Related Elements
The Editorial Calendar highlights all the elements that are related, so that you can easily identify which social messages and tasks belong to a certain post.

Nelio Content also shows your published and scheduled content (including Drafts with a publication date set), along with the social messages you created to promote them and the related tasks. Moreover, it’s designed in a manner such that all this information doesn’t become overwhelming—filter the content to show/hide the only things you’re interested in or hover an element to see all the related items.

Save Time on Social Media

From now on, there’s no need to access each individual social network to promote your content. Nelio Content (and its editorial calendar in particular) allows you to schedule social messages quickly and efficiently. Tweet about your newest post or share a Facebook status update with just a couple of clicks:

Dialog for Creating New Social Messages
Screenshot of Nelio’s social message editor. With it, you can select multiple profiles of different networks and share the same message on all of them, preview how it’ll look like and schedule the exact date and time in which the message has to be automatically shared.

You can even schedule future posts so that your social feeds always contain fresh references to your blog, without your doing anything!

Team and Task Management

If you run a blog with several contributors or authors, you’re probably aware of how complex it is to coordinate them all. The editorial calendar really is the best way to easily see who’s doing what, which deadlines you set, and how well-balanced your work is.

New Task Dialog
Screenshot of the dialog for creating new editorial tasks. Just describe the task, assign it to someone, and set its due date.

Anyone in your editorial team can access the calendar and, therefore, know what she’s supposed to do at any given moment. Looking at upcoming content and pending tasks is easier than ever.

Easy Rescheduling

Just drag and drop content to reschedule it. Even more, if you’re rescheduling a post, all its tasks and social messages will be automatically rescheduled too! Moving stuff around should be easy… and Nelio Content actually makes it super easy!

Drag-and-Drop Calendar
You can drag and drop all the elements that appear in the dialog and, hence, re-schedule or remove them. Whilst dragging an element, the actions in the calendar change—drop an element onto the trash to remove it and hover the Next/Previous icons to change the current month.

Automatic Generation of Social Messages

Being active in social media is easier than ever. Just connect your social profiles and start filling your social calendar with social messages automatically generated by Nelio Content.

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.
Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

In addition to it, when creating a new content in your WordPress, promote it over time by creating and scheduling social messages with just one click. Let Nelio Content do the hard work for you and increase your traffic without all the hassle!

Plan First. Write Next.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be writing about in the upcoming days, weeks, or even months, it’s time for you and your team to sit down and create awesome content. Nelio Content helps you to write better content by including several tools aimed at that end—post quality analysis, reference manager, talking to other authors… It all feels like second nature!