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How do I Change the Auto Publication Frequency?

Nelio Content Premium can automatically generate social messages when you edit new content using Social Automations. It can also fill your editorial calendar with messages to re-promote your best existing content.

The number of automatic messages that will be generated by Social Automations depends on the social profiles you connected (remember that you can activate or deactivate the automatisms on each profile) and the selected automatic publication frequency.

You can easily change the frequency of posting automatic messages. To do this, go to the profile that is included in an automation group and select the Publish tab.

Pestaña de publicación de un perfil incluido en un grupo de automatismos

The frequency of publication of such a profile indicates the number of social messages you want to be generated to promote each content that is published.

To change the re-sharing frequency of such a profile, select the re-share tab:

Pesataña de recompartir mensajes de un perfil añadido a un grupo

The frequency you select indicates the maximum number of daily social messages you want to be published on each profile to share old content.

Once you have saved your changes, the new settings will be operational from that moment on. That is, messages that were created before will not be affected by the new settings.