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Recently we talked about the importance of the WordPress Community for you to have WordPress and thousands of themes and plugins to create websites with. All this with the guarantee that you always have a support ecosystem that will help you improve your WordPress websites and solve many issues along the way.

We also mentioned that the WordPress community is organized into teams (Core, Design, Polyglots, Support, etc.) in which anyone can participate. One of them is the Make WordPress.tv team which basically approves, publishes and helps with the post-production and captioning of all the videos you’ll find on WordPress.tv.

Let’s see the content available at WordPress.tv and how we can use its videos to learn about WordPress and many other related topics.


As you may already know, a WordCamp is an event that takes place once a year or every two years where for one, two or three days you will have talks and workshops related to WordPress. There are several types of WordCamps: local, regional, national, and, finally, global, such as WordCamp Europe, WordCamp US, and WordCamp Asia.

2020 WCEU Family Photo
Family photo WordCamp Europe 2020

WordCamps usually have several tracks in which long talks (20-minute presentation and 10-minute questions), or short talks (10 minutes, no questions) are given. The talks that are presented in a WordCamp have gone through a previous selection process to guarantee their quality and variety. This means there’s plenty of interesting topics related to WordPress: development, design, security, typography, SEO, website performance optimization, writing and storytelling, project management, business strategy, success stories, culture, remote work, healthy life and work, etc.

Attending a WordCamp is one of the best ways to not only meet and network with people from the WordPress environment but to learn about any WordPress-related topic. But if you haven’t been able to attend a WordCamp for whatever reason, you still have the opportunity to watch the talks online at WordPress.tv.

WordPress.tv website menu
WordPress.tv website menu

On the first tab of the WordPress.tv website menu, you’ll find the WordCamps option, where you’ll find a list of videos that belong to presentations, highlights and other WordCamps aspects of the world. The order in which the videos are shown by default is in the reverse order to which they are published: the most recent show up first.

If you need information about the talks of a particular WordCamp, search for the the name of any locality or the WordCamp you’re interested in (e.g. Barcelona, US, WCEU, etc.) and you will easily find all the talks given in that event. Alternatively, you can also put the name of the event in the URL, for example: https://wordpress.tv/event/wordcamp-europe-2020/

Some of the WordCamp Europe 2020 talks.
Some of the WordCamp Europe 2020 talks.

Having said that, if you want an accurate index of all the talks held on a certain event, it’s best to visit the event website and look for the program.

As you can see, if you could not attend a particular WordCamp, you can watch its talks at another time.

Select event
Select any event and you will see all the talks that have been done.

Related Events and How To

Note that in WordPress.tv not only WordCamps talks are published, but other events are also published such as:

On WordPress.tv you also have a tab, How To, where videos of talks explaining how to do something, in particular, have been selected.

Alternative Searches

But surely, if you’ve come this far, you’re thinking that when you’re looking for information on a certain topic, looking through all the events to find talks on specific topics is a bit cumbersome and chaotic. Don’t worry, there are other search alternatives.

WordPress.tv is a WordPress website and therefore has a search engine for keywords, categories, and tags. In fact, when videos are uploaded to WordPress.tv, it is necessary to fill out a form in which this information is entered.

Let’s see then what search alternatives you have:


To start, you can search by keywords.

Search results for the keyword "a/b testing" on WordPress.tv
These are the first two talks you will find when you search for “A/B testing”.


You also have the option to click on a speaker (or alternatively, put the speaker’s name in the URL, following the pattern https://wordpress.tv/speakers/name-of-speaker/ as https: //wordpress.tv/speakers/matt-mullenweg/) and see all the talks in which he or she has participated in as a speaker.

Recent talks by Matt Mullenweg.
Recent talks by Matt Mullenweg.

This can be very useful once you have identified an expert on a topic and want to learn about it.


To carry out a search by category you can directly write the URL in your browser following the pattern: https://wordpress.tv/category/category-name/.

Let’s look at some of the most popular categories.

Select the year in which a talk was held.
Select the year in which a talk was held.
  • Language. In this case, when searching for a language, the URL pattern is https://wordpress.tv/language/language-name/.
Select the language of the talk
Select the language of the talk.

Selecting any language, you will see the latest talks published in it. For example at https://wordpress.tv/language/spanishespanol/ :

Recently published talks whose language is Spanish
Recently published talks in Spanish.

Other categories that may also be useful to search for talks are:


Finally you have the option to search by clicking on any tag in the tag cloud that you can find to the right of the talks or, alternatively, write it in the URL following the pattern: https://wordpress.tv/tag/tag-name/.

Tag cloud.
Tag cloud.

For example, if you are a WordPress beginner, you can click on the Beginner tag and you will see the full set of videos that will introduce you to WordPress. Then you can select a particular speaker like Joe Querin and watch all three sessions to learn WordPress from scratch.

In the same way, if you click on the Gutenberg tag, you will find a lot of talks on how to use the block editor, useful tips and tricks, how to implement Gutenberg blocks, etc.


WordCamps, meetups and workshops are events that are organized not only to network, but also to spread WordPress so we can all learn. In addition, many of the talks are intended to be entertaining and, above all, to provide knowledge based on their speakers’ experience. For this reason, whatever topic you’re interested in related to WordPress, on WordPress.tv you will find details, tips and experiences that you’ll hardly find in tutorials. And that’s why WordPress.tv has lots of videos you can learn a lot from.

Do you want to create your first WordPress plugin? You’ll find almost a hundred videos that explain how to do it or information related to the topic. Similarly, you’ll find many videos on any other topic or aspect related to WordPress, its community or doing business with it.

Finally, don’t forget that you can also contribute to this team by helping with the post-production and captioning.

Featured image by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash.

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