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Now our more basic plan offers your option to do A/B testing for your WordPress theme so that you make sure the theme you use is helping you to maximize the conversions (sales, visits,…) of your WordPress site.

To create a new Split Theme testing experiment, follow the general instructions in the Getting Started Guide to setup your account (if you’re new to the Nelio A/B Testing service) and just choose as new experiment the A/B Theme testing experiment and you’ll immediately see all the themes available in your WP site.

Wordpress Theme A/B Testing Experiment

From this same screen you can easily select those that you want to include in the A/B test and start the experiment! As soon as you do this, the visitors of your site will see two completely different versions of your site.

Theme1  theme2

Obviously, not only the landing page but all the pages/posts of the site will be visualized using the same theme so that the visitor does not suddenly end up in a page with a completely different look and feel. Let the experiment running for a while and you’ll soon be able to head to results page to see which theme is bringing more conversions (including, for those that want to know, statistical details about the significance of the experiment, for the rest our simple 3-color code will tell you when you’re ready to switch to the winner).

WP theme A/B testing results

So, what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your site now! Or just ask for more information, we’ll be happy to assist you!

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