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Cache mechanisms are a real challenge for A/B testing since they may cache one specific post/page alternative and end up showing that same alternative to all your visitors. To avoid this error, many A/B testing WordPress plugins are just not compatible with any caching mechanisms, and make you choose between performance and conversion optimization.

This is even a bigger problem when hosting your WordPress site with a Managed WordPress Hosting solution like WPEngine. First because they usually offer their own caching mechanism (not so easy to deactivate) and, well, if you decided to pay for one of these managed hosting services is for sure because you wanted to benefit from the speed improvements they bring to your site. As WPengine says: “We aggressively cache everything from pages to feeds to 301-redirects on sub-domains; this makes your site load lightning-fast for your non-logged-in readers”. So you definitely don’t want to stop this from happening.

Don’t panic! We have the solution: Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress is fully compatible with cache mechanism including WPEngine cache system.

As users of WPEngine ourselves, we wanted to make sure we were able to use Nelio A/B Testing in our own site (the fact that you are able to read this post is the perfect proof 🙂 ). Do the same and start improving the conversion rate of your site without losing all the performance WPEngine has to offer. We are working to verify the same is true with all the other awasome Managed WordPress Hosting solutions (Pagely, Synthesis, …).

Just to be clear, 1 – no, we are not saying that WPEngine is endorsing Nelio A/B Testing in any way (at least not yet), we are just saying that we have made all the efforts to make sure Nelio A/B Testing is compatible with WPEngine and 2 – all kinds of A/B testing always have some kind of performance impact (one way or the other you need to compute whether the user should see the original page / post or a variant and act accordingly) but I´m sure you’d agree with us that deactivating any cache mechanism in your site is for the sure the worst scenario and that’s what we focused to avoid when deciding how to implement our service.

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