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It’s no secret we love WordPress—we offer a native split testing service for this CMS, we contribute to a WordPress blog for the Spanish-speaking community (well, we created it ?), and we help people to move to WordPress. And it’s because of the latter that today I wanted to talk to you about why WordPress is great for small and medium enterprises (SME). In 2015 we migrated over 35 sites to WordPress and we always saw the same pattern—customers were tired of their current sites (some came from Joomla, others had custom developments, most of them were using Drupal) and they wanted to use something new and reliable. So, what did they choose? WordPress, of course!

If you’re planning to create a new site (or move your old site to a new platform), and you’re not sure whether WordPress is the right choice for you or not, keep reading. In the following, I’m going to share the top 10 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS you can use.

1. It’s Easy

Gone are the days when someone would need to know HTML and CSS to create a website (even though they help, of course). Nowadays, running and maintaining a WordPress site is so easy that you’ll be able to create your own content without professional help. There’s plenty of beautiful themes that perfectly adapt to your needs at a low cost, and visual editors like Visual Composer, Optimize Press, or Divi will make your life easier and will help you to create dynamic and outstanding pages with just a few clicks, dragging, and dropping.

2. There’s an Active Community

But if you’re completely lost and you do need help, there’s plenty of professionals that’ll help you to build the website your company needs. One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress as the base platform of your website is that you’ll never be tied up—you’ll be free to hire the developer you want and work with her for as long as you want.

Another thing that you’ll love about WordPress is its community and all their work/knowledge. As you may already know, WordPress is developed and maintained by a community of volunteers all over the globe (who, by the way, are not only developers, but also translators, designers, and so on). This community is super friendly, and I encourage you to look for your local community and to meet and join them.

Repairman, by Lukáš Zlatkovský
Repairman. Picture by Lukáš Zlatkovský.

3. Continuous Development

One fear our customers have is ending up with outdated software. And it’s completely normal they fear this, for they probably moving to WordPress because their old CMS is in fact outdated. Luckily for you, WordPress won’t become outdated easily—its community is continuously working on the platform to keep it up-to-date, following current standards and trends, and making sure it’s secure. Moreover, the fact that over 25% of all the websites on the Internet is based on WordPress makes it a safe bet, doesn’t it?

4. High Customization

If you’re creating a corporate website, you’ll want it to look different from your competitors’ websites. And, once again, if you choose WordPress, you’ll be lucky, because it offers endless custom combinations. For starters, WordPress has a huge theme collection (both premium and free) that modify the look and feel of your website so that it resembles your corporate image. Moreover, there’s tons of plugins that extend the basic capabilities of WordPressadding featured images in your blog posts, improving load times or creating backups are just some examples of what a plugin can do for you. Finally, should you need something more “powerful”?, WordPress can even be transformed into a fully-fledged e-commerce platform or even a social network. As I said, endless possibilities!

5. It’s Secure

Security is another major concern (or, at least, it should be). Depending on your website, you’ll need a strong and secure platform that cannot be easily hacked. And WordPress is, one more time, excellent in this area. On the one hand, it’s open-source nature means that anyone can analyze its code and contribute to any security issues that may arise. On the other hand, its active community ensures that someone is actually looking at the source code and responding to the security threats that appear.

6. It Scales with your Business

WordPress is great for SME, but it scales up perfectly well. With WordPress you’ll be able to add and modify as many pages as you need and, as we’ve just seen, it can be easily transformed into powerful solutions such as an e-commerce platform.


7. User and Permission Management

If your company has several employees and you want to grant them access to your website, you’ll probably be happy to know that WordPress has native support for user and permission management. Using user and roles appropriately, you’ll be able to determine who can see and edit different parts of your website with just a few clicks.

8. You’ll Save Money

With just a few bucks, you’ll be able to create a basic website based on a free and open-source platform, a free theme, and a free set of plugins, all running on a low-cost hosting provider. As your needs and budget grow, you’ll have access to better solutions and professionals. But don’t take my word for it, just take a look at some of the “big players” in the WordPress ecosystem.

9. It’s Mobile

Clearly, nowadays smartphones play an important role in everybody’s life. And that’s why it’s so important your website looks good on mobile devices. Luckily, most of the themes that are available today are responsive.

10. It’s SEO-Friendly

Another major concern when creating a website is SEO. Sure, you want to offer an outstanding service to your visitors, but you first need to make sure that they find what they’re looking for… specially if they’re looking for you (even though they don’t know you yet). WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly out of the box, Google’s Matt Cutts endorsed WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009. But it also has several plugins that help you improve your SEO and social media experience. Probably, the most well-known, fully-fledged plugin is Yoast SEO, which offers an extremely easy-to-use interface for optimizing your contents for search engines and search results.

In summary…

If you have a SME and you want to be online, WordPress is a great option—it’s secure, it’s standard, it’s actively maintained, and it’s highly customizable. Don’t hesitate anymore and move to WordPress!

Featured image by Hartwig HKD.

2 responses to “WordPress is Great for Small and Medium Enterprises”

  1. Criar Sites Avatar

    Fantastic article and the reasons for the growth of WordPress are the same. Hopefully WordPress continue evolving. Remember that Joomla has been a rival of WordPress.

    1. David Aguilera Avatar

      Indeed! WordPress has a great momentum, and its future is very interesting 🙂

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