WordPress A/B Testing with WPonFire and Nelio

I hate it when I waste my time doing the same tasks over and over again. That's why we created Nelio Content, so neither you or I get stuck with boring stuff! Check it out!

WPonFire (WordPress Hosting Made Easy, offering the highest quality WordPress Hosting at a reasonable price.) is the new kid on the block, launching just a few weeks ago. But since we are sure they will be able to attract many WordPress users to the world of Managed WordPress Hosting we wanted to make sure we got our Nelio A/B testing for WordPress service ready to make sure all WPonFire clients would have the best tool to transform their site visitors into customers from day one.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have conducted all the necessary tests to make sure that Nelio A/B Testing is fully compatible with WPonFire (after fixing a bug, the tests were even useful to us).

With this powerful combination, WPonFire users can benefit from the full performance and scalability WPonFire offers while performing as many A/B tests they want to optimize the conversion rate of their WordPress sites. Start improving your site now!.

And thanks a lot to WPonFire for their assistance during our compatibility tests!


Antonio obtained his PhD in Computer Science at UPC. He has several publications in the field of data mining and information retrieval applied to conceptual modeling and health informatics. He specialized in the design, development, and integration of web services and cloud applications. He's an active contributor to the WordPress community and participates in meetups, seminars and WordCamps.

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