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In the same way a car needs maintenance if you don’t want problems in the future, so does your website. Yes, it is not enough to dedicate a lot of resources to get the best design for your website. Devoting resources to maintenance is as important, or even more important, than the initial investment.

But what do I mean when I talk about maintenance? Why is it so important to dedicate time and resources to it? I’ll tell you about it below.

Avoid Vulnerabilities and Security Holes

If you had to choose the most important criterion by which to carry out an annual review of your car, I have no doubt that you’d focus on safety, right? The last thing you want is to cause an accident because the brakes fail…

It’s the same with the websites. We are lucky that WordPress has built-in security, but don’t be fooled: it is not hacker-proof. Any website, whether it’s WordPress or not, is vulnerable to external attacks.

And what can we do to secure our website? Well, to begin with, we can hire a hosting company that gives you certain security guarantees by providing SSL certificates so you can have your website in https.

But not only that, the most common threats to any WordPress website are associated with vulnerabilities that have been introduced by third-party plugins or themes. Both plugins and themes can be used as a backdoor by hackers looking to access your website.

Outdated or poorly maintained plugins and themes are what every hacker is looking for: an opportunity to force entry. Don’t think they won’t come after you “because your website is so tiny nobody cares”; hackers run automated scripts to identify if there is any vulnerability on any website and, if they find it, they take advantage of it and exploit it.

So also make sure your hosting company audits your WordPress plugins and themes regularly, minimizing possible vulnerabilities and threats. And update your WordPress ALWAYS securely.

Improve The Performance of Your Website

The speed of your website is a key factor to get more visits and a good positioning in search engines. A slow website is frustrating for any visitor and can be one of the main reasons for leaving it.

It is not enough to have created a website in which performance has been considered one of the priorities in its design. Make sure that you continuously perform the proper maintenance so that the performance of your website is always improving. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the tricks David mentioned in a previous post involve maintenance:

  • Hire a hosting service that assures you some of the following features:
  • Use a modern PHP version (7+),
  • Install a cache plugin,
  • Leverages CDN content distribution networks,
  • Keep your WordPress, your plugins and your theme always updated,
  • Clean your website and eliminate what you don’t use or need,
  • Reduce the number of versions of your content.

As you can see, regular maintenance allows you to optimize or improve the code in terms of quality and/or efficiency. It also means that the images are compressed, which makes them load faster and take up less hosting space. All this contributes to improve the performance and speed of the site.

Optimize SEO

When we talk about maintaining a website, we also talk about SEO. SEO is a continuous process; it is not finished once your website is created.

Create Content On A Regular Basis

Regular content creation is a critical part of running a successful website. Blog posts show your site visitors and potential customers that you are expert in your field. If they’re interested in what you tell them, they’ll come back for more information and it’s a great way to guide them to make a purchase. In addition, regular content creation is a very important aspect of SEO success.

A WordPress maintenance plan includes writing new content and responding to comments your visitors write on your posts. You should also remove any spam comments you may receive, as they could damage your website’s reputation and rankings.

For us, the tool that has been most useful for us to write quality content on a regular basis and also automate its promotion on social networks has been Nelio Content.

Nelio Content drag-and-drop editorial calendar
Nelio Content drag-and-drop calendar where scheduling your posts is as easy as dragging them from the list of ideas.

Analyze SEO

In addition, within the maintenance plan of your website you should monitor the analytics of your content and keywords. To do this, regularly monitor the progress of your keywords with Google Search Console. Optimize the pages and posts of your website to obtain the best possible SEO keywords and, above all, improve the experience of visitors to your website.

Improve ROI

Your strategic marketing plan should include actions that ensure that the contents of your website are of quality and suitable for your target audience. You have a set of tools that allow you to monitor how your website is working and what improvements you should make to optimize the conversion and improve ROI. Here are some of our favorites:

Google Analytics

An incredibly valuable and important tool that you should use to control the status of your website is Google Analytics. The information you can find in Google Analytics can help you find more potential customers, correct mistakes on your site, improve your website’s user experience, and convert more site visitors.

For example, regularly monitoring the bounce rate helps you identify areas of your website that need to be improved, as well as errors that you may not have noticed otherwise. You can also discover which pages are more successful and thereby improve your other existing pages or even create new ones with similar features or content.

In addition, Google Analytics can help you better identify if you’re reaching your potential audience as it gives you a lot of information about your visitors: gender, location, language…

Nelio Content

If Google Analytics is too powerful and confusing for you, Nelio Content also gives you information on which posts are the most successful. Regular monitoring allows you to reuse content and promote on social networks more often those that are most successful.

Nelio Content Analytics
Analytics with Nelio Content show you the most visited posts and with a click on Add Message you can quickly create a new message to re-promote that post on social networks.

Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A / B Testing allows you to analyze different versions of your pages, posts, menus, or any other element of your website and see what works best. Understanding what your visitors like best is crucial to improve conversion and increase traffic to your website.

Operation of the A / B Test
Functioning of A/B Test

As you can see, the use of all the above tools implies that at all times you must make sure that your website is optimized to get more traffic and visits.


Make a good investment in a good hosting service and make sure you create a marketing plan that includes continuous monitoring of the status of your website and the creation of content that your potential customers will love.

Featured image by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash.

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