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The easiest way to install Nelio A/B Testing into your WordPress site is by using the built-in plugin installer. Once the plugin has been successfully activated, you’ll see the Welcome Screen of Nelio A/B Testing summarising new functionalities. By just visiting the Dashboard, you can configure your Nelio Account or Start a Free Trial.

Start using Nelio A/B Testing Screenshot

If you select the free trial, Nelio offers a limited number of Page Views to track during the unlimited free trial period. But you can easily extend that number by completing some actions, like confirming your e-mail, recommending us to a friend, or tweeting about us, among others. Moreover, one of the actions you can do is to explain your goals and what success means to you.

Nelio Dashboard Complete Your Goals
Nelio Dashboard Complete Your Goals

Out of more than 1,700 Nelio A/B Testing users, a little bit more of 400 have indicated what success means to them, and I’ve made the following classification of all the responses, as shown in the following chart.

What is Sucess
What Success is for our users

Conversion Rate Optimization

More than 75% of the answers described success as some conversion goal. Of course, the question is made within the context of Nelio A/B Testing, our tool to optimize the conversion rate of a WordPress website.


Take a look at the answers of what success is for some of them:

Stephen: Get more leads.

Scott: Converting web users to clients.

Kenneth: High conversion rate.

Ryan: Getting more form submissions and phone calls.

Anders: To sell more products.

Rick: Increase engagement and participation in our initiatives.

Dillon: Selling to or getting optins for at least 10% people who come to the site.

Seebo: more clicks on my CTA.

Stefan: Get more users to apply for free quote.

Sergio: Llegar a 20 ventas al mes (to reach 20 monthly sales).

David: Increase Leads by 300%.

Stephanie: A significant increase in leads and time spent on page.

Justin: 50k unique visitors per month by the end of 2016.

Guilherme: 1k installations within 6 months, 100% positive feedback.

Adam: Having a lot of people signing up to membership on the site and continually coming back for more information.

Sterian:  Creating a website experience that provides great user metrics like low bounce rate, high time spent on site and higher number of pages/session.

Andrew: 1,000 organisations using it in Australia at any one time.

Daniel: Greater ROI on Adwords with more users submitting an enquiry.

Customer experience

Other users answered focusing on the customer experience. Success to them is the satisfaction or goal achievement of their customers.

Customer satisfaction survey by Kecko
Customer satisfaction survey by Kecko

Lets see some of the answers:

Mustafa: Success to me is achieving goals in time – happy customer that comes back over and over.

Tyler: Producing results that exceed expectations of clients.

Bradis: Happy clients.

Tim: Everyone being just a little more creative than they were without us.

Stella: Success is when people are actually interested in what we have to offer, not just what we ‘sell’ but also the information we give.

Teenu: Visitors enjoy spending time and choosing news.

Hamilton: that our users are receiving information that help them in their day to day activities at work and to help them prepare for the future.

Hamilton (2): Providing our users valuable information that helps them achieve efficient work habits and methods.

Marco: Tener satisfechos a mis clientes (to have my customers satisfied).

Valborg: Creating an experience our readers never get tired of.

Dre: Helping other achieve happiness and professional success.

Tom: Delivering exceptional service and value to my members.

Brendan: Helping users get a better wine tasting experience.


A 7% of the users recognize that success to them means making money.


You’ll see that some of them are more expressive than others:

Tilen: To achieve my money goals in 2016.

Josh: Multiple streams of income.

James: Make more money.

Jeroen: More income.

Adam: One hundred and thirty dollars per day.

Stoica: More money 🙂

Dmitriy: Income maximization.

Guy: Success means to me that I can spend $5 on advertisements and sell a shirt at a $10 profit.

Johny: Becoming financially free while serving the audience big time.

Altrim: A positive change in number.

Stayster: $$$$

Tobias: Von meinen Verkäufen leben (live from my sales).

Frank: I am looking to increase revenue by at least 300%.

Daniel: La libertad financiera (financial freedom).

Jon: Freedom from relative poverty! Lol

Isak: I’m rich!

Nelio A/B Testing

Native Tests for WordPress

Use your WordPress page editor to create variants and run powerful tests with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.


Some of our users said that success (I understand, by using Nelio A/B Testing) is to learn with the tool or test what it works.

Brad: Success means that I learned what features I should develop first.

Martin:  Understand what people likes and deliver them the right product.

Scott: Being able to track conversions and validate experiment hypotheses with heat and click data and share those with my supervisors.

Héctor: Probar todas las opciones posibles para llegar a la mejor opción exitosa (Try all the possible options to find the most successful one).

John: Approving Nelio for production use at my company.

Ben: Understanding our audience and what drives them to convert.


Others prefer to remark that success is some kind of personal or business achievement. Some of them are more ambitious than others; take a look at their responses:

Another win for Jasper by Henry Burrows
Another win for Jasper by Henry Burrows

Savitha: Winning.

Hernan: Be the best in the business.

G. Howe: Be a reference in the area of health and wellness.

Yoviel: Ver mi trabajo dando frutos, sin prisa pero positivos. El dinero me ayuda a pagar los gastos, pero no condiciona mi exito (See my work paying off, slowly but positive. The money helps pay the expenses, but does not determine my success).

Simanta: Being professional by working hard and being economically stable.

Cynthia: Working from home and supporting my family and hobbies.

Mohammed: A good and healthy corporation.

Nigel (a teacher): Not being asked the questions they should already know.

Maria Ignacia: Superar mis expectativas (go beyond my expectations).

Kirill: top#1 in trip advisor.

Chris: Hillary Clinton quotes my website.


Finally, I like to show you the answers of those that understand that success goes beyond CRO or money.

Michael: Having more free time to do as I please

Michelle: Living life to its fullest

Stephane: Help children

Mikey: Comfortable living

Elton: More free

Jesús: Dormir en paz todos los dias (sleep peacefully every day)

Jeanne: Here success will mean that my friend is well pleased and that the site is well-built and beautiful and ultimately useful. I hope it brings joy. 

Prim: Being happy

Ana: Taking everything to the next level

Ana: Happiness

Hills: The very sense of honnor and glory, the pride on my face when I stand on the top and touching the sky


Crow Peak summit. Chugach Mountains, Alaska by Paxson Woelber
Crow Peak summit. Chugach Mountains, Alaska by Paxson Woelber

And what does success mean  to you?

Remember, in Nelio, we will try to do our best to help all our users to reach their success!!

Featured image: Kids Jump Again by Loren Kerns

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