We Don’t Have Time for A/B Testing

If only I had a calendar where I could schedule all my upcoming posts… Hold on a sec, I do have one! And it even helps me to promote it on social networks! Discover our new plugin!

Paraphrasing this blog post by Michael Bolton (talking about software testing), I dare to say that:

When someone says “We don’t have time for A/B testing”, try translating that into “We don’t have time to think critically about our website (the public face of our company!), to experiment with it, and to learn about ways in which it might fail to bring us more sales.” Then ask if people feel okay about that.


Antonio obtained his PhD in Computer Science at UPC. He has several publications in the field of data mining and information retrieval applied to conceptual modeling and health informatics. He specialized in the design, development, and integration of web services and cloud applications. He's an active contributor to the WordPress community and participates in meetups, seminars and WordCamps.

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