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Last week we shared with you a few notes on what’s coming in the next release of Nelio A/B Testing. Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit more about its new User Interface. As you all probably know, one of the main goals we have is to create the easiest, yet most powerful, A/B testing tool for WordPress. We want to offer the best User Experience possible! In order to do so, one of the most important aspects is the User Interface of our plugin — i.e. how the different elements of the Nelio dashboard screens look like and how you interact with them.

Nelio A/B Testing 3.0 will redefine the way you create and edit experiments, and will offer a beautiful, colorful and perfectly integrated experience for all of you. You’re probably thinking “stop talking and show me what you have” so… here you have a couple of screenshots comparing the before and after. I hope you like it!

Comparison of New Experiment Selection
The new user interface provides colorful icons for rapidly identifying the experiments you want to create. Moreover, it also includes a brief description of what you can do with every type of experiment… Easy, right?
Comparison of Experiment List
We’re redesigning the iconography of our plugin… so why not using all these beautiful assets everywhere? Identify the types of the experiment both by shape and color!
Comparison of Experiment Edition
The new user interface for editing experiments is more intuitive. Organized in three simple steps (basic info, alternatives, and goals) you won’t be lost ever again!

Do you have any other ideas/suggestions? What do you think?

Featured Image by Kara Harms.

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