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You probably have to do repetitive tasks on a daily basis. And you may ask yourself: can’t someone else do it for me?

Can't someone else do it?
Can’t someone else do it? Source: Giphy.

Unfortunately, in real life you can’t stop from doing things yourself. But don’t worry, today we’ll explain to you how to reduce the effort you have to make with the promotion of your website’s content in WordPress thanks to the Social Automations that Nelio Content includes.

So that you know how all this works and can get the most out of it, let’s take a look at the three most important points that are part of Social Automations:

  • The configuration of social profiles in which to share content
  • Templates for creating messages
  • Highlighting relevant content to be shared automatically

If you master these three areas, you will become a professional in social media content promotion by doing minimal work. In fact, once the first two points have been set up, just by spending a few minutes on the third (which is also optional) you will get in return all the promotion of your new content with just one click. Yeah, just one click. Read on and you’ll see that we’re not lying to you ?.

Select The Social Profiles That Will Promote Your Content

Social profiles are the foundation for promoting your WordPress content on networks. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can hardly post anything there, right? So if you don’t have profiles created on networks, go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest and when you have your profiles ready, continue reading…

In Nelio Content, go to Settings and you’ll see the Social Profiles tab. This is where you connect your profiles. To do this, you have the step-by-step details in our help here. Don’t worry, it’s not hard and you’ll only have to do it the first time. As you connect profiles you will see them appear on the list, as shown in the following screenshot of our website (yes, we also use Nelio Content on a daily basis ?).

List of social network profiles connected in Nelio Content.
List of social network profiles connected in Nelio Content.

With the list of profiles, you can activate the Social Automations for each of them. You do this by selecting or unselecting the two icons to the right of each profile.

On the one hand, the megaphone icon enables the automatic generation of social messages for that profile to promote new content in your WordPress. This means that if you activate it, automatic messages will be created when you make the famous click we talked about earlier (and I’ll talk about it later) on the edit screen of a post, page or custom post type. If you haven’t activated it, no messages will be generated for that profile at that time.

On the other hand, if you activate the re-sharing icon (yes, the one with the ball surrounded by two arcs that is right next to the megaphone) what will happen is that messages will automatically be generated to fill in the gaps in your editorial calendar and to promote existing content from your WordPress. That is, messages that reshare content that is old but still valid.

If you have old content on your website it’s a shame that you don’t keep promoting it on your networks so that it keeps bringing you visitors. I’m sure writing that content took your time. It’s a pity that it ends up being forgotten when it can still give you plenty of joy ☺.

You can change the frequency of automatic message publishing and indicate which social profiles are going to publish promotional or resharing messages.
You can change the frequency of automatic message publishing and indicate which social profiles are going to publish promotional or resharing messages.

The number of automatic messages that will be generated thanks to Social Automations depends on the social profiles you have connected and the frequency selected.

Once you have changed the publication frequency (changing the selector, as you can see from the previous screenshot), please note that this will affect the number of messages that will be generated automatically from that point on. Messages that were already created will not be changed.

You can check in your settings how many automatic messages Nelio Content will create for you.
You can check in your settings how many automatic messages Nelio Content will create for you.

Just below the list of social profiles, you’ll find a short sentence indicating the messages that will be automatically created with your current settings. This way you can get an idea of the number of messages that will be generated and change it if you wish.

Remember that all this configuration, which may seem a little complex, it is not. Besides, it’s something you do once and then you can forget about it. In our case, it is something we never touch.

Create Templates For Automatic Messages

Now that you know how to connect your profiles, activate Social Automations on them, and change the publication frequency, the question is: what is the content of the automatic social messages created by Nelio Content? The answer is simple…

By default, if you don’t do anything else, Nelio Content’s automatic messages will share the title and permalink to the content. But you can change this with social templates.

In Nelio ContentSettings, you’ll find the Social Templates tab. A social template is nothing more than a base text with placeholders that will be used to be converted into the content of automatic messages.

There are two lists in this section. The first is the list of templates that are used to promote new content (at the time this content is published). You can see in the following screenshot the templates that we have defined in our website in English to be used in the automatic messages that are created at the time of publishing new content.

List of social templates that are used as a basis for creating your social messages automatically.
List of social templates that are used as a basis for creating your social messages automatically.

But we also have another list of the templates that are used when creating automatic messages to reshare existing (or old) content from our WordPress on social media. You can see our templates for resharing in the following screenshot.

List of templates for re-sharing content already created in your WordPress.
List of templates for re-sharing content already created in your WordPress.

The placeholders you can use in the text of a template are:

  • {title}, which references the title of the content that we want to promote
  • {permalink}, which references the permalink to the content that we want to promote
  • {tags}, that references the own WordPress tags of the content that we want to promote. These tags are transformed into hashtags in social media

Now imagine that we want to share the next post from my partner Ruth:

If we create a template with the text “Do not miss this article: {title} {tags} {permalink}, by applying this template to the previous article, the result is a social message with the following text: “Do not miss this article: Inbound Leaders – The Inbound Event for Marketing Leaders #MarketingStrategy #Events #ContentMarketing”.

With this, you can see that Nelio Content‘s templates allow us to expand the possibilities of the automatic message creation algorithm so that messages with richer and different text can be created. If you create templates, your messages in social media will be more diverse and will not give the impression of having been created automatically by a computer program.

Dialog for editing a social template where you can configure how it works.
Dialog for editing a social template where you can configure how it works.

When creating a social template you have the option to set its text, on which networks or social profiles it can be used, and what content it will promote (from which author and which WordPress category). I recommend you keep an eye on it because it’s something you can build at first and then you’ll have it forever, without having to change it every time (unless you want to).

Highlight Relevant Content While You Write it

We’ve already mentioned the Nelio Content magic button before:

Create Social Messages Automatically
Nelio Content with Social Automations automatically creates all the social messages you need to promote a post. Click on the button and let it do the hard work for you.

When editing a WordPress post or page you’ll see the Social Media box if you have Nelio Content. There is a giant button that automatically generates social messages when you press it to generate the promotion of your content on social media.

As a result of clicking it, you’ll see an extensive list of automatic messages for the selected profiles (as explained above) that will be shared when you publish your WordPress content, the next day, during that week, during the next month and beyond. As I promised you at the beginning, in Nelio Content with just one click you have all the promotion done for your contents without any effort.

Scheduled social messages with Nelio Content
Automatically generated messages to promote a post on Nelio Content.

The content of these automatic messages is based on the templates we have created following the instructions I have given you above. But Nelio Content is also intelligent and will extract relevant sentences from your post or page and create messages with these sentences to be shared on social media.

Nelio Content does this on its own, without you having to do anything else. But it’s possible that when checking your post before publishing it, you detect a sentence you want to share. It happens to us a lot, so that’s why we added the possibility of highlighting sentences to share them in automatic messages.

Auto-sharing in Social Automations
With the Nelio Content button, you can select any fragment of the text and mark it for autosharing. The image shows the selection of the phrase “Nelio Content was born with the aim of simplifying the work for our blog” to mark it to share. You can also see other fragments highlighted in yellow that had previously been selected.

Just select the sentence from the editor and in the Nelio Content button choose the option to highlight that sentence. It will be highlighted in the editor itself, and you can remove that if you wish. This way you help Nelio Content to be even smarter in the selection and extraction of sentences to create automatic social messages.

Let Social Automations Work For You

Promoting our WordPress content on social networks can be a real pain in the ass. Luckily, Nelio Content helps you through the whole process thanks to the automatic features it includes.

If you set up your profiles, create templates and use the magic button, Nelio Content will become your butler and you won’t have to worry about promoting your content again. Everything will work by itself and your social audience will be receiving your messages automatically so that visits to your website will magically increase.

If you’re still not convinced of this, try it. Install Nelio Content in your WordPress and discover the amazing results you get. Remember to leave me your opinion about it ?

Featured image by Andy Kelly from Unsplash.

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