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Every business needs more leads. But only a small percentage of marketers are taking advantage of evolving tools, tactics, and techniques for CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization. This single focus will wring more ROI out of your marketing efforts than any other tactics. Now there’s a book to guide you written by Scott Frangos, one of our collaborators.

Scott Frangos is a veterans A/B testor and CRO specialist with a long career in advertising, marketing and publishing. He is founder and president of Webdirexion LLC, an online marketing agency, and also a long-time college level instructor in the Portland, Oregon area. He also teaches online courses at COMP – the College of Online Marketing Pros. He credits his publishing team with making this Guide concise but resourceful for modern marketers. The team on the CRO-Guide includes Margot Hall, Managing Editor; Whitney Beyer, Copy Editor; and Contributors Julie Hume, Miranda Booher, and Sherri Gutierrez. Scott has spoken at The Content Marketing Conference in Berkeley; the Web Visions Conference in Portland, OR; and taught for the Langley New Media Center in Washington State.

Scott Frango e-book cover
The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO

By starting with the question “How do we get qualified website visitors to take actions [conversions] we want on our sites?”, Scott invites you to continue reading the following topics that may help you to find you a CRO answer:

  1. Why CRO is Important?
  2. Types of Testing
  3. What needs to be optimized at your current site?
  4. Testing Before You Code a Site
  5. SEO with CRO
  6. Setting Measurable Business Outcome Goals
  7. Testing Ads: In Syc With Landing Pages
  8. Smart Thinking Behind Smart Forms to Boost Conversions
  9. How to Increase Your Conversion Rates
  10. CRO & Persuasion Psychology
  11. Hotel Promotion Page A/B Test – 100% Lift
  12. Review. Refine. Repeat.
  13. 25 CRO Tips
  14. Resources: Tools & Books.
Types of Testing. Picture from The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO
Types of Testing. Picture from The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO

You may get the book at the Amazon store:

The Marketer‘s Concise Guide to CRO covers tools, tactics and techniques to use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to gather more qualified leads for your sales team.

Intended both for career marketers and students of marketing, the Guide reviews a variety of A/B testing and related online tools with a number of resources compared. CRO tips are given. Success formulas are covered. Three exercises are presented to help readers learn to set measurable goals and brainstorm smart tests you can use right away to increase your marketing conversion results. Need to school your corporate team on ways to gather more qualified leads? Buy a copy for each person on your team and work they through the exercises. This is a concise book with practical tips from the trenches. Instructors of Marketing will also find the book useful as an adjunct and primer for this important sub discipline.

Praise for The Marketer‘s Concise Guide to CRO:

“…as I read, I took notes for a half dozen tests my clients deserve. Thanks, Scott, for the motivation and tools to be better at my job. — Joe Hage, CEO, Medical Marcom

“My biggest takeaway is the need to test every pitch, every call to action and every layout. Not even the most talented, experienced creatives know what will work and what won’t. This book will make you rich.” — Bob Leonard, Managing Consultant, acSellerant

“I’d recommend the CRO guide to anyone who wants to learn how to boost ‘connections’ with visitors. This guide will help you create more engaged readers and turn them into sales. In the end you will become a smarter marketer.” — Bill Flitter, CEO,

“I now feel way more confident that we can improve our CRO efforts. The book is a solid read and a quick one as well. Highly recommended! — Jon Wuebben, CEO Content Launch

Joe Pulizzi, CEO of the Content Marketing Institute, and with whom the author worked closely for a number of years, writes in his Foreword that in “2016 Content Marketing Benchmark study, content marketing effectiveness actually went down year over year. Whether you are a B2B, B2C, nonprofit, small business, or large enterprise, effectiveness rates are less than 40 percent. One of the main reasons why is that organizations are publishing all over the place, without any real strategy or execution plan that works for business outcomes. And this is exactly why the book you are reading right now is so important…”

In addition, Scott Frangos is preparing an online course: CRO Power: Gather More Qualified Leads.

The course is for career marketing communication professionals who wish to learn conversion rate optimization skills and students of marketing wishing to learn this essential skills set. You’ll also see some great examples and benefits of the use of Nelio A/B Testing.

We’ll give you more information about the course very soon, so, stay tuned!

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