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The creation of a blog is the starting point for any online communication strategy of any professional or company. A blog with quality content helps you improve the visibility of your brand. It is the key factor to generate leads; in other words, to obtain contact information of potential clients. It allows you to share news and updates and get information about what your readers are interested in. And, of course, the blog is the way to improve your SEO. So it’s clear you have to coddle your blog

But maintaining a blog and not dying during its first year of life is not easy. In fact, we all face the following problems:

  • How to find attractive ideas to write about? Depending on the topic of your blog, it’s normal that at some point you run out of ideas about what to write about.
  • How do you get to be consistent in writing? The day has come to publish a new post and you don’t have it ready. What has happened? Where have you failed? Frustration can lead you to abandon the blog.
  • The promotion of the blog is an infernal task. After writing a post you still have all the promotional work left: log on to each social profile, copy and paste to promote on social networks… The day has only 24 hours!
Time spin by Tony Babel
It’s the end of the day and you have the feeling that you couldn’t even start what you had planned… Does it sound familiar? Photo by tonybabel on Giphy.

Our time is money

If you want to keep your blog successful, the key is to be efficient in the entire content generation process. In our case, it was this determination to get more efficiency that led us to create Nelio Content. What were we looking to solve?

#1 Not to lose our ideas

Are you having trouble generating ideas? Well, we do. That is why, when we had an idea, we had to write it down somewhere that would allow us to have it always available when we later had to think about what to write about. But where? Mail? Google Docs? Much simpler: on your own blog!

Nelio Content allows you to write down ideas about what to write in a list that you will always have available in your blog to convert them into future posts.

Calendario editorial de Nelio Content con entradas sin fecha
Don’t forget to write down your ideas when you come up with them. This way, you’ll be much faster planning your editorial calendar posts for the month.

#2 Oops! It’s my turn to write a new post; what can I write about today?

Did you know that the biggest waste of time, what kills your productivity, is lack of planning? Take a look at the time you waste thinking about what to write about every time it’s time to publish something new. In a blog, controlling planning means having an editorial calendar in which you schedule the posts you’re going to write over the next month. So when you start writing, you just need to concentrate on that task.

#3 How to include images and Gifs quickly

You know that all content is more attractive if you can include images or Gifs. But it’s hard to find that image on the Internet, download it and then upload it to WordPress. You have to be able to do it faster!

Solution? We’ve included in Nelio Content the option to insert images and Gifs from Unsplash, Giphy and Pixabay directly from the WordPress image selector and with a perfect integration to its interface:

Select a giphy
Search and select the giphy you want to add to your post and that’s it.

#4 Watch out! The posts must be complete

You can also keep in mind that a post has to be complete: you should indicate its category and tags, insert a featured image, write an excerpt, include some internal or external links and complete some additional meta-information that may be useful for the SEO. A tool can’t do this work for you, but it can warn you when something is missing before you publish an incomplete post.

Post Quality Analysis
Post Quality Analysis. Nelio Content analyzes the quality of your post in a non-disruptive manner.

#5 Better coordination between us

Our recommendation to ensure a good level of quality in your content is to have a review process. We do not publish any posts on our blog without someone other than the author having read it first. In our case, this means that when you have just written the post, you have to tell another member of the team to proofread and schedule it.

With Nelio Content, we do this by simply telling who to notify when the status of a post changes. In this way, when we change the status a post to “pending review”, the reviewer receives an automatic email with the notice and they know what to do.

Nelio Content notification metabox, where you can add users interested in receiving notifications about a specific post.
Nelio Content notification metabox, where you can add users interested in receiving notifications about a specific post.

#6 Promotion, promotion, promotion,…

You’ve managed to write a masterpiece that you know will succeed and could become viral. Congratulations! But don’t forget that first you’ll have to promote it on social networks?. Horror! Writing on each social network entails more work than writing the blog post…?

The automation of blog promotion on social networks is what has made the difference in our company: Nelio Content has considerably simplified our work!

Create Social Messages Automatically
Nelio Content with Social Automations automatically creates all the social messages you need to promote a post. Click on the button and let it do the hard work for you.

After writing a post and with a single click, Nelio Content is in charge of planning all your promotion on social networks. In other words, it automatically creates the queue of messages to be published in each of your social profiles without worrying about anything else.

In addition, the promotion of new content is complemented with the re-sharing of old content from your blog. Thus, the editorial calendar is automatically filled with social messages that will give a second life to your best old posts.

Editorial Calendar with Automatic Messages
Nelio Content with Social Automations will fill all your social profiles for you with older content if there’s nothing new to share. This way, you’ll maximize your chances of driving traffic to your website.

If you are interested in the topic, in this post I tell you how Nelio Content automatically generates all the messages that will be published on the networks using the content of your post and templates, even adding mentions on Twitter to increase dissemination. The time saving is amazing!

#7 Is it working for me?

But all the effort devoted to content marketing would be incomplete if we were not able to understand whether we’re achieving the objectives we seek. Is it strictly necessary to become a Google Analytics expert to get the most out of your blog? It would probably be ideal, but again this takes too much time and effort…

In our case, we wanted to have just the strictly necessary information in the blog itself to know how the posts were working. We only wanted information to help us quickly identify what content is most successful.

Nelio Content Analytics
Social Media analytics with Nelio Content show you which posts have received the most visits and with a click on Add Message you can quickly create a new message to promote that post on social networks again.

With all this, we have managed to design (and use) a simple and very powerful plugin, fully integrated into the WordPress dashboard, which allows us to significantly reduce the workload of our content marketing process. ?

What about the surprise?

In the title of this post I had promised a surprise for you, didn’t I? Let me tell you about it.

You probably know our tool because of its free version we’ve published in the WordPress.org plugins directory. A few days ago you could subscribe to a Nelio Content Personal plan, aimed at those who have a personal blog and work alone with their website, or to a Team plan, if you are a tema that want to work together and be coordinated. In addition, the different subscription plans could be complemented by an add-on, Social Automations, which enabled automatic blog promotion.

After a detailed analysis of our customers, we saw that the best way to help them improve their website was to merge the Personal and Team plans into one. That is, to create a plan that had all the advantages of Nelio Content.

Can you imagine a plan with everything? Also with Social Automations? Well, here it is:

Nelio Content Premium 

Finally, we’ve opted for a single plan that includes all the functionalities and advantages of the Team plan with the Social Automations add-on.

Nelio Content Premium
Nelio Content Premium: new Nelio Content plan that will allow you to make a difference with your content marketing

Take a good look, the Premium plan for teams that includes automatic generation of social messages for only 29€ per month. You used to have this plan for 99€ a month. A discount you shouldn’t miss!

And now comes the million-dollar question: if the old plans disappear, what if you were already subscribed to one of those plans? Don’t worry: if something is clear in Nelio is that we love to take care of those customers who have been with us since the first day. And that’s why we at Nelio will always offer you the plan that benefits you the most. So:

  • If you were subscribed to a Personal Plan, when you upgrade the plugin, you’ll have the Premium version, but we’ll keep your old price for life. You had bet on us and that’s how we want to thank you!
  • If, on the other hand, you were subscribed to a plan with a higher price, it doesn’t make any sense that you can’t also take advantage of this great promotion. So, without you having to do anything, we’ll lower the price you pay for the service to match this new offer.

So, what do you think of the big change? We think it’s worth it, because we want both the small blogger and the big company benefit from the advantages of Nelio Content. All of them.

Featured image by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

4 responses to “The Definitive Plan We Were Looking For and A Surprise For You”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Sounds great. I hope this works out well for your company! I really appreciate you guys keeping the price the same for your early customers.

    1. Ruth Raventós Avatar

      Thanks Dave! We hope so, too. To keep the prices to our current customers is the least we can do 😉

  2. Gene Avatar

    This is amazing news! This decision should greatly reward your work and benefit many new and existing customers. By the way, I really appreciate this generous upgrade for your existing subscribers. I knew from the first time I interacted with the Nelio Team that you are a leader in serving customers. Thank you for all you do and for this news!

    1. Ruth Raventós Avatar

      Thanks, Gene for trusting us!!!

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