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Top 6 Secrets to Successful Internationalization

If you’re a WordPress plugin or theme developer, you should be interested in translating your work into multiple languages. Don’t you know how to make your code translatable? Discover our 6 secrets to successful internationalization.

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Beautiful Google Maps in WordPress

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see Google Maps embedded in a website—they’re a great tool for letting your visitors know where they can find you or where an event you’re organizing will take place. Learn how you can add one in your WordPress site.

Deleting Editorial Tasks

Norman Doors, The Design of Everyday Things, and Better UX

Doors are easy to operate—either you push or pull it to open it, right? And yet, there’s plenty of doors we fail to open on our first attempt, making it necessary to add Push/Pull signs on them. So, if opening a door is not that easy, what about using a computer program? In this post, I review the book “The Design of Everyday Things”, by Don Norman, which has some beautiful insights about design.

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What Ad&Mktg Agencies From ‘Inc. 5000’ Use WordPress?

Since we created our start-up, we’ve been in a constant scramble by developing our services, keeping up, and getting better. We’ve been mainly focused on today to keep the business running tomorrow… However, we’ve recently decided we need to spend some time (that’s the biggest problem in a start-up, you never have enough time!) in defining a business growth strategy. Take a look at what we’ve been doing and get some insights for your own business!

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Most common misconceptions about WordPress (according to you)

Andrew Nacin started an informal poll on Twitter regarding misconceptions about WordPress, and a couple of hundreds of tweets by (mostly) professionals in the WordPress community immediately followed up recounting their experience. Take a look at their answers; they’re quite interesting!