How to Make Money in WordPress with a Membership Site

Have you ever wondered how to earn money with your website by implementing a premium section with limited access? In this post we explain how you can create such a premium section on your WordPress website and thus offer exclusive paid content to your users.

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DevTips – How to Add a New Sidebar in WordPress

What’s cool about WordPress and what has allowed it to get where it is today is its ability to customize. Themes, plugins, little tricks that make your installation magic…. In this post we explain how to create your own sidebar so you can do whatever you want, wherever you want and however you want with the widgets of your installation.

6 Tools to Understand Your Web Analytics

Choose a web analytics tool that you like to start seeing results on your page and understand if you are doing well or if you should make some changes to improve it. Here we show you the most popular ones. Don’t miss the list!

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The Problems of Using Nested Loops in WordPress

The WordPress loop is one of the basic tools you must master if you want to be a good professional. Unfortunately, every time you use it, you learn (the hard way, of course) it’s a tricky component. Here’s what happened to us with nested loops.