Managing Menus In WordPress

The navigation menus on a website are essential to ensure that all your visitors access the main pages of your website. Creating, modifying, and deleting them is very easy. Here is an easy and complete guide to help you get through this process.

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The Problems of Using Nested Loops in WordPress

The WordPress loop is one of the basic tools you must master if you want to be a good professional. Unfortunately, every time you use it, you learn (the hard way, of course) it’s a tricky component. Here’s what happened to us with nested loops.

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How to Upload Your Plugin to

Creating a WordPress plugin and sharing it with the world is easy―assuming you know how, of course. In this post we explain the process to upload your first plugin to and how to manage the related SVN repository to update it.

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The Solution to the 5 Most Common Problems of WordPress

If you just entered your website and got an error message, or even worse, a white screen, don’t fret! For some reason, there’s an error on your WordPress and you’ll have to correct it. On today’s post I will introduce the 5 most common problems, some of their possible causes, and how to solve them.