Sidebar promos testing with Nelio A/B Testing

Sidebar Promos Testing with Widgets Testing

One of the most common problems you face as a WordPress website owner is to know how to increase the revenues you get from the promotions, affiliate links, or advertisements you include in your sidebars. As you can imagine, the answer is running a split test in your WordPress site and, in particular, a split test of the widgets you use in those sidebars.

How to Make a Menu Item Stand Out with Nelio

From the moment a visitor lands on your site, the navigation menu of your website provides an overall idea of what you offer, prioritizes what’s important, and directs the flow of traffic where you want it to go. Therefore, a split test of the display order and titles of your navigation menu is well worth for improving your conversion rates.

Heatmaps screenshot with Nelio A/B Testing

Heatmaps and Clickmaps with Nelio

Heatmaps are a graphical representation of mouse events, including click and hovering events. The information depicted in a heatmaps helps you to understand what visitors do while browsing your website and can easily lead to insights you can’t find using other methods. With Nelio A/B Testing you can easily create them and you’ll see how useful they are!

A/B Testing of Headlines with Nelio

A/B Testing Your Headlines with Nelio

Learn how to create headline experiments of any post with Nelio A/B Testing. By testing different versions of headlines, you’ll be able to see what your readers preferences are!

CTA Testing with Nelio

Testing a Call-To-Action button in the Landing Page

Learn in this video how to easily create an A/B test of a call-to-action button of your landing page with Nelio A/B Testing. Note that when it comes to conversion rate optimization, your call-to-action buttons are critical elements in your landing page. Test them with Nelio A/B Testing to analyze the impact of each alternative.