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Our Experience After Merging Our Websites

Read Our Experience After Merging Our Websites

Making the decision to merge all our websites into one can be motivated by many reasons. While it can bring benefits in the long run, it is not an easy decision and involves certain risks. A year and a half ago we made this decision without being absolutely sure of what the results would be. And now we explain our experience to you.

Content Marketing vs SEO

Read Content Marketing vs SEO

You can dedicate as much time as you want on your blog. But where should you focus on exactly? SEO? Content Marketing? How do you attract more traffic and rank better in search engines? In this post, we comment on the criteria that seem more sensible if you’re time and budget are limited.

Is It a Success or a Failure to Merge Our Blogs?

Read Is It a Success or a Failure to Merge Our Blogs?

We have decided to merge all our blogs and websites into Nelio’s website. This decision has not been easy and has raised several challenges that, in my opinion, are worth sharing. So, in this post I would like to explain a little of the history of what we, the Nelio team, have experienced during the past three years and why we have come to where we are today.