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15 Personal Web Designs in WordPress for Inspiration

Often, your website is the first image people will take of you when they are looking for you on the Internet. Designing a personal website is very complicated—it needs to be unique and reflect your personality. In this post, I’ve selected 15 personal websites with very different and original to inspire you.

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Learn How to Optimize Your Website by Looking at What Your Competitors Do

There are many tools that help us analyze traffic, keywords, popularity, and other information from our competitors. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about their conversion rate or what they do to improve it. In this post, we have analyzed the A/B tests run by our clients and share some examples that might inspire you.

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WordPress Use by Best Companies Inc. 5000 (2017)

How popular is WordPress among the fastest growing companies? We’ve taken a look at the list of the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the last three years in the United States and we compiled a list with the top ones using WordPress.

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WordPress Use by Best Companies Inc. 5000 (2016)

Every year, Inc. 5000 ranks the fastest-growing companies in the U.S for the last three years, the Inc.5000 list.
In this post, we share our selections of WordPress websites included among the top 100 on the list Inc.5000 2016 and show the WordPress theme used in them.