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What Heatmaps Teach Us

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We launched Heatmaps on February 2014 and three months later it’s the second most-loved experiment! A must-have feature we also integrated into A/B tests of pages and posts (so that you can see the heatmap of each testing alternative), because we believe Heatmaps are a perfect companion to A/B Testing. Heatmaps offer valuable information about what […]

Most Loved A/B Testing Experiments

Read Most Loved A/B Testing Experiments

Want to know which are the most loved A/B testing experiments provided by Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress? This analysis indicates how our customers use our tool to optimize the conversion rate of their WordPress sites, and to get a better understanding of their visitors. See the chart and start optimizing today.

Conversion Optimization in WordPress – An Introduction (slides)

Read Conversion Optimization in WordPress – An Introduction (slides)

In the last WordPress Day Madrid, we gave a talk on Conversion Optimization for WordPress sites. Here you have the slides with a practical introduction to A/B Testing including case studies and a few tips.