The Pyramid of Web Optimization

You don’t just have to focus on attracting more visitors. The optimization of your website will help you to convert more visitors into customers. Get to know the pyramid of web optimization and all its levels.

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Why Your Website’s Conversion Rate Matters

All websites exist for a reason; they have a raison d’être, a specific goal. The conversion rate of a website is the ratio between the number of conversions we have and the number of visitors, so it is a metric of how “good” our website is, discover all the secrets about this magic metric!

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Learn How to Optimize Your Website by Looking at What Your Competitors Do

There are many tools that help us analyze traffic, keywords, popularity, and other information from our competitors. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about their conversion rate or what they do to improve it. In this post, we have analyzed the A/B tests run by our clients and share some examples that might inspire you.

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Conversion Optimization Plan for Your Website

Optimizing your conversion ratio and user experience on your website is equal to or more important than increasing the total number of visits solely. This post proposes a plan to easily implement the best CRO for your website.

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The Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO

Every business needs more leads. But only a small percentage of marketers are taking advantage of evolving tools, tactics and techniques for CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization. This single focus will wring more ROI out of your marketing efforts than any other tactics. Now there’s a book to guide you written by Scott Frangos, one of our collaborators.