2018 Year in Review

We have finished the year and it’s time to review everything that has happened at Nelio Software. In this summary of 2018 we explain everything we did.

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Our Experience After Merging Our Websites

Making the decision to merge all our websites into one can be motivated by many reasons. While it can bring benefits in the long run, it is not an easy decision and involves certain risks. A year and a half ago we made this decision without being absolutely sure of what the results would be. And now we explain our experience to you.

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What Does 2018 Have in Store?

2017 has been a great year, so all we’re asking is for 2018 to give us the chance to continue the path we’re on. In this post we share the three areas we’ll be focusing on to make sure that Nelio grows.

2017 Year in Review

We’ve finished the year and now it’s time to analyze everything that has happened in Nelio Software during 2017. Interested in knowing all the details? Read the full article here.

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Find Your Niche and Be The Best

The market is more competitive than ever and finding a space seems impossible. Is everything already invented? How do you compete against the big companies without a big budget? The easiest way is to look for a profitable niche. Fortunately for those of us who are small, that’s still possible.