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In just a couple of weeks WordCamp Barcelona edition 2016 will take place in, can you guess it?, Barcelona! This event is created for and by the community, and it’ll give us the chance to meet in person and talk about our favorite CMSWordPress. This year a bigger WordCamp awaits us—compared to what we had in 2015, this year there’ll be two conference days (December 2 and 3) and one Community Day (December 4), with plenty of differents talks and contribution opportunties. It looks like we’ll have a great time during a whole weekend, so get your ticket before they’re all sold out!

The Schedule

The most interesting part of any WordCamp (apart from having the opportunity to meet each other and share some time in the same room) is the set of talks, where you can learn a lot about some hot topics in the WordPress world. This year, WordCamp Barcelona has an outstanding program with a lot of interesting and varied topics. As I said above, the conference will last two days, and there’ll be plenty of talks each day—the organizers have scheduled two tracks per day. This means that, at any time, there’ll be two different talks in two different rooms, so you’ll have to decide which one you want to attend to (and hence configure the WordCamp that better suits your needs). And what if two talks that you want to see take place at the same time? No problem! I think all talks will be recorded and shared online, so you’ll be able to watch them later ?

Our Recommendations

All scheduled talks look pretty interesting to me, and I’d really love to attend to all of them. But, as I said, with a two-track format that’s impossible. So, given the fact that we have to choose what we attend to and what we save for watching later at home… I’d like to take the plunge and recommend the talks that I’m pretty sure I won’t miss! Why? Because I like them especially!

  1. 5 años de WordCamps: crecimiento, automatización y lecciones aprendidas by Rocío Valdivia. If this is your first WordCamp, attending to a “Community” talk is a good way to understand what the “WordPress community” is and how it operates. In this case, Rocío will talk about how a WordCamp is organized… behind the scenes!
  2. Desarrollo de temas con AngularJS y la WP REST API by Marcelo Tena. The REST API will soon be integrated in WordPress core. And when that happens, we’ll see a bunch new set of WordPress-based projects. The future will be pretty impressive! And don’t take my word for it—juts take a look at some of the interviews we’ve recently had and you’ll see our WProfessionals are very excited about it. In this talk Marcelo shows us how theme development will be in the upcoming future.
  3. Cómo ganar dinero con tu WordPress by Àngel Ayach. Usually, most talks in a WordCamp focus on WordPress development and/or its community. But there are other aspects of the WordPress ecosystem that might interest you, such as, for instance, how to get money out of it ??? If you want to know how to monetize our website, you can’t miss Àngel’s talk ?.
  4. Testeando Temas con la mayor eficacia posible by Gabriel Pleszowski. In 2015, I talked about Acceptance Testing in WordCamp Europe—that is, how one can ensure the quality of their plugins and themes through (acceptance) tests. I honestly think that implementing a testing discipline in our work can help us create better software, and that’s something that all developers should seek. That’s why Gabriel’s talk and his comments on how to test themes efficiently is in my watch list.

Nelio at WordCamp Barcelona

The Nelio team will also have a few talks at WordCamp Barcelona… and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to “promote” them ? I’m pretty sure you’ll love them:

  • Cómo hacer el mal siendo desarrollador WordPress (mine). This casual talk will teach you how to do things badly. Instead of talking about “best practices” (which is boring), we’ll see different examples of how one can make things go wrong and how funny the results can be.
  • Mis primeros 100.000€ con WordPress by Ruth Raventós. If you want to build a scalable service in WordPress and make a living out of it, this talk will answer a lot of questions. And, hey!, Ruth will share our experience at getting our first 100.000 €/year of revenue!
  • Emprender desde España. Basado en hechos reales by Antonio Villegas. Running your own business in Spain is quite complicated—there’s a lot of taxes and burocracy ?. So, if you’re based in Spain and you’re thinking of starting a new business, you should definitely attend Antonio’s talk. Here you’ll learn all the basics and know where you put yourself into ?. You’ve been warned!

If you have any questions after our talks, don’t hesitate and come talk to us. After all, WordCamps are one of the greatest opportunities to meet and talk face to face, so don’t miss your chance!

Contributor Day

The Contributor Day will be on Sunday. There isn’t much information about it right now… but, just so you know, it’s a beautiful day for (learning how to) contribute to WordPress. Translations, theme reviews, contributions to core… you can get involved with the community as much as you want, or you can talk to the attendees. Whatever you’re interested in, this casual day is great for networking and learning more about WordPress.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona
CosmoCaixa Barcelona.

Location – CosmoCaixa

The organizing team found a beautiful location for the WordCampCosmoCaixa Barcelona. CosmoCaixa Barcelona is the most important science museum in Barcelona. It was inaugurated in 2004 after being remodelled. The original building was built in the early 1900 and it was used as an asylum for the blind until 1980.

As many other places in Barcelona, the selected location is breathtaking. If you’ve never visited it, you should—there’s plenty of exhibitions and workshops for you to have fun (or your family, if you’re really committed to attending to the talks  ?). One of the most exciting exhibitions is The flooded forest—a faithful reproduction of the Amazonas ecosystem covering a 1,000m² area with flooded zones and tropical raining every 15 minutes. How cool is that, huh?

Get your ticket NOW!

Tickets for the WordCamp are already available. We’re expecting a lot of attendees, so don’t waste any more time and get your ticket now before they’re all sold out!

Featured image by CosmoCaixa.

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