Screenshot of Nelio A/B Testing showing how one can add multiple goals

In many occasions you may want to set more than a goal for your A/B testing experiment. A typical example would be a split testing experiment for your landing page where an alternative landing page should be considered better than the other/s if it helps you sell more products overall not just a specific one.

To simplify, let’s assume that your site is selling three different products, each one with a specific product page. In this setting, you would be interested in defining as goals the three product pages (so that you can see which alternative landing page does a better job in interesting your visitors to at least go ahead and visit one or more product pages).

Continuing with our example, when you can just set a single page as conversion goal you either need to choose one of the products to be the goal (losing then the information about the effect of the landing page alternatives on the other products) or set three different experiments (one per product) and they somehow manually aggregate the results.

Fortunately for our Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress users, this is now possible. The following figure shows an A/B Theme testing experiment where we set up three different goals (one for each of the three packages we offer in our Migrate To WordPress service).

Screenshot of Nelio A/B Testing showing how one can add multiple goals
Screenshot of Nelio A/B Testing showing how one can add multiple goals.

That’s it. Once you have set the multiple goals, you can just start the experiment as usual and our plugin will take care of monitoring your visitors and calculating the results for you as usual.

Hope you enjoy this new feature!

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