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We present a case study of a Nelio A/B Testing client of ours, Secret Flights, an hebrew flight deal aggregator. For this case, we have interviewed Gleb Braginski, Secret Flights Product Manager.

About Secret Flights

Secrets Flights website
Secrets Flights website.

Thanks for the interview, Gleb. It is a pleasure to have you here! For those who don’t know Secrets Flights, could you please introduce the company?

Secret Flights is a flight deal aggregator, which allows our users to perform effective flexible and specific searches to find the cheapest deals. It was founded by Yaneev and Ariel Lanis in 2017 and are constantly growing. Our primal market is Israel (as of today) and we have a traffic of around 1M per month (which is quite significant for a country with a population of 9M).

Flight Secrets team
Flight Secrets team.

We are around 15 employees at the company and I am acting as Product Manager.

Background and Challenge

What made you decide to go with WordPress and what you look for when choosing plugins that will work with your WordPress site?

Secret Flights has been using WordPress since the launch of the website 4 years ago. The founders chose WordPress because it was a flexible platform on which they would be able to continuously twerk and develop on. When we select plugins, we aim to select ones with large install amounts, frequent updates and test them on our staging environment for issues and performance.

How you did business before turning to Nelio A/B Testing and what challenges led you to look for a new solution? Did you evaluate other solutions?

At the beginning, Secret Flights had no testing solution at all, as well as there was no dedicated full-time product manager at the company. When such a need arose, I was hired and I identified the need of website testing in order to reduce the uncertainly level for adding new features or UI elements.

I looked at several testing WordPress plugin solutions and found some article comparing the best available solution for WordPress site testing. Nelio A/B Testing had best reviews and was the simplest to use. This is the reason why I, together with the main co-founders selected Nelio A/B Testing to perform A/B testing on our website.


How long have you been using Nelio A/B Testing for? How’s it going so far?

Secret Flights started using Nelio A/B Testing in April 2023. We have had an average of almost 10 tests running simultaneously each month.

While it may be too early to draw conclusions about the impact of Nelio A/B Testing on overall website conversion, so far it is more than meeting our expectations.

Definitely. It is exactly what we need, and, as of today, Nelio’s solution covers almost completely our testing needs.

It is hard to point out what is the most positive experience we’ve had using Nelio A/B testing. So far, the usage is simple and intuitive and the results are sufficiently informative.


Could you share an A/B test you have performed on your website?

I find it interesting to share the case of a test in which, contrary to our intuition, the original version won the test.

Screenshot of the results of an A/B test in Secret Flights
Screenshot of the results of an A/B test in Secret Flights website.

We have noted that Nelio A/B Testing helps to reduce the uncertainty level for adding new features or UI elements.

The heatmap feature also helped us get some interesting insights were testing something completely different.

Screenshot of a Secret Flights heatmap
Screenshot of a heatmap in Secret Flights website.

In your opinion, how is Nelio A/B Testing helping to achieve your business goals?

Secret Flights is in full expansion of growth and with Nelio A/B Testing are having a more than a positive experience. I can say that, in general, Nelio A/B Testing helps us to keep improving conversion rates by allowing us to test changes in our flow, features & design.

We use Nelio A/B Testing prior to implementing design changes that can possibly harm us and reduce the conversion rate.

Due to Nelio’s capabilities, we are able to make better decisions based on thousands of users behavior on our website, a great data-driven tool for decision makers on matters that can directly impact our business. 

Would you recommend Nelio A/B Testing?

I have no doubt that he would recommend Nelio A/B Testing because, as I said before, set-up and usage are easy, and the results are sufficiently informative to help you reduce the uncertainty level when adding new features or UI elements in your website.

For our part, thank you, Gleb, for your time and responses to our interview. we are delighted that you are happy with the first impressions and results that Nelio A/B Testing is providing so far, and we look forward to updating the information in this post with more conclusive numerical results in the future.

2 responses to “Secret Flights and Nelio A/B Testing – Case Study”

  1. Mads Phikamphon Avatar
    Mads Phikamphon

    Hi Ruth / Nelio,

    I have seen your wonderful interview section

    Reading the interviews, I was wondering how I can get interviewed too?

    I have worked in programming for ~20 years and prefer working with WordPress. I also have a sideproject that I have based on the WordPress platform.

    Mads Phikamphon

    1. Ruth Raventós Avatar

      Hi Mads,
      Thank you for reading us and reaching out. We are currently conducting a series of interviews exclusively with our customers who are using our products.
      If we interview programmers again, we will contact you.

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