Graphic displaying how marginal gains accumulate over time

Today we would like to recommend you the article: What Would Happen If You improved Everything by 1%: The Science of Marginal Gains by James Clear.

There, James explains how a British cyclist team managed to conquer for the first time the Tour de France not by changing everything but by using a simple strategy:

he believed in the “aggregation of marginal gains”. He explained it as the “1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do”. His belief was that if you improved every area related to cycling by just 1 percent, then those small gains would add up to remarkable improvement.

Does this sound familiar? Exactly! This is what you can do on your own website by using our A/B Testing techniques to get small (and not so small!) increases in your conversion optimization rate. Before you know it, you’ll be surprised with the results you’ll see. You may not win the Tour de France anytime soon… but you may win quite a few more customers, which is not bad either 🙂

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