Papers with single words written on them, randomly scattered on the floor

When thinking about possible website changes to increase our conversion rates we tend to think about possible visual modifications (colors, positioning, fonts, images, …) and forget that, sometimes, our best option is just to change the wording we use to “sell” the benefits of our product or service.

I always like to use this video to illustrate the power of words:

Yes, this video is obviously staged (if only it would be possible to get such a dramatic increase in the conversion rate!) but I bet it immediately made you think about what to rephrase in your site!

By the way, would you say that the scenario pictured in the video is an example of a real-word A/B Testing? I hope you’re all shaking your heads! This is NOT A/B Testing.

Both versions of the sign are not randomly shown to the pedestrians passing by the homeless man. Therefore, you cannot really conclude that the change in the text is responsable for the rain of coins (remember, the dangers of confusing correlation with causality!), for instance, it could happen that people just feel more generous later in the day and the sign had nothing to do with that. Despite what the video wants to suggest, only a pure A/B test would give you the evidence required to reach a scientific conclusion about the benefits of the final wording in the sign.

Optimize the conversions for your site with the power of words + the power of A/B testing!

(featured image by Susana Fernández)

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