WordPress A/B testing for posts

A/B and Multivariate Testing for WordPress posts

The latest version of our Nelio A/B testing plug-in includes a very exciting new feature: A/B split testing and multivariate testing for WordPress posts (and not only pages). Moreover, conversion goals can also be now posts so that you can test which title / content for a post (or page) brings more people to that […]

Is it WordPress? What Theme? Which plugins?

Have you seen a site you loved and wondered if the site was done in WordPress and, if so, which theme and plugins the site was using to get this look and feel you liked so much? Well, there are a couple of tools I’d recommend to answer all your questions: Is it a WordPress […]

First screenshots of the Nelio A/B WordPress Testing plugin

For those among you that can’t wait, let us show you some screenshots of the plugin side of our A/B WordPress testing service: List of Nelio A/B Testing experiments: Adding a new experiment: Editing the variants you want a test (one or more, we do support multivariate testing!). Note that this is the same WP […]

Correlation vs Causality (and why this matters in conversion optimization)

You’ve probably heard before that correlation does not imply causality (or causation, if you prefer), but do you really understand what this means and why this is important in conversion optimization?. We’ll try to clarify this for you. Correlation vs Causality Let’s take a look at the following graphic (sorry, no idea about the source). […]

Why an A/B testing WordPress native solution?

Why an A/B testing WordPress native solution?

A/B testing (also known as Split testing) is one of the best techniques to optimize your WordPress site or landing page to get more conversions (that translate into more traffic, sales, sign-ups,… depending on your conversion goals). Unsurprisingly, there’s a number of A/B testing solutions already out there in the market so why do you […]

Embedding Google Maps in WordPress without a plug-in

Almost any site includes a map somewhere, most of them taken from Google Maps. As usual you have plenty of WordPress Maps plug-ins with an endlessly set of options to embed the perfect Google Maps in your site. Unfortunately, every plug-in you install has a cost (not only in terms of performance, but also it […]