RR: The Science of Marginal Gains

Today we would like to recommend you the article “What Would Happen If You improved Everything by 1%: The Science of Marginal Gains” by James Clear. His article sounds very familiar to us… this is exactly what you can do on your own website by using Nelio A/B Testing!

Hard Work by AlmostInfamous

The completely irrelevant “99.9 service uptime” guarantee by GoDaddy

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never used GoDaddy so I have zero complaints about their service. And maybe other WP hosting providers have a similar policy in place but this is the one I just ran into when looking at their new pricing plans and I think it’s worth highlighting. If you look at that pricing page, you’ll […]

A/A Testing example

The importance of A/A Testing (no, not a typo!)

Which version of the above pricing page you prefer? Can’t see the difference? Well, you’re right, there is none. What you see is a good example of A/A Testing. In short, A/A Testing is an A/B Testing experiment where the two alternatives are in fact exactly the same. Yes, I know, this looks kinda stupid. […]

WP Super Cache Plugin

A/B testing with WP Super Cache

You want everything for your site: maximum speed with WP Super Cache and optimal conversion rate. WP Super Cache is a “very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files” and this is something that most A/B testing and conversion optimization tools don’t like at all. In fact, cache mechanisms are a real […]