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We are less than two weeks away from the event of the year for the European WordPress fans: WordCamp Europe (Seville, June 26-28). I’m happy to say that three “Nelios” will be there (David, Antonio and myself) giving two talks (see below).

We are also very excited to use this opportunity to meet other members of the WordPress community and discuss about all WordPress (and non-WordPress) things that interest us. So if you’ll be around and would like to chat with us or see a demo of our WordPress A/B testing service make sure to say hi (or even better get in touch before so that we can make sure to book a slot for you!).

At the very least, I hope you’ll find our talks interesting (that also applies to all of you not travelling to Seville since as usual talks will be sooner than later uploaded to WordPress.tv):

From Good to Great: Functional and Acceptance Testing in WordPress (full talk)

The quickest way to damage your reputation is by releasing a plugin or theme full of bugs. And no, a few unit tests are not going to stop that from happening. In this talk, we’ll review the different kinds of testing tools you could use on WordPress and dig into Codeception, an advanced PHP testing framework.

Outline of the talk:

  1. The Quality of WordPress Plugins and Themes
  2. My experience with software development: debug vs testing.
  3. Unit Testing is just the First Step
    • What kind of errors can be detected with Unit Testing?
    • Unit Testing in WordPress
  4. The Next Level: Functional and Acceptance Testing
    • What are they? What do they test?
    • Test your work as if you were an end-user
    • Test your work as a Pro test engineer would!
  5. How can we do that? WebDriver and Codeception!
    • Introduction
    • Setting up the environment
    • Our first WordPress test
  6. Summary

Looking at WordPress through the eyes of a Software Researcher (short talk)

What does a researcher have to say about the WordPress source code and the community behind it? Join us on this talk on unusual “WordPress analytics” and see what we can learn, and improve!, from the way WordPress (and the plugin and theme ecosystem around it) is developed nowadays.

Outline of the talk:

  1. Empirical Software Engineering Research: Software Analytics
  2. Measuring WordPress
  3. Improving WordPress
    • Static analysis
    • Plugin interferences
  4. Empowering the WordPress community
    • Bus factor
    • Tag and issue analysis
    • Governance
  5. Call to action

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