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Lately we’ve been talking about the importance of your blog in attracting visitors to your website. As we’ve already mentioned several times, writing and sharing quality content is an essential requirement if we want to improve our SEO. Implementing inbound marketing strategies will allow us to reach a wider audience, not only through search engines, but also through social networks, word of mouth, etc.

Unfortunately, attracting traffic to our website is only the first step. If, like us, you have a website where you offer products or services, you obviously need a formula to turn those readers into customers. Inbound marketing aims to share useful and relevant information for our followers to help us position ourselves as experts in the area and to establish a relationship of trust with them, which is one of the first steps towards a successful sale.

Pound it adventure time
Pound it adventure time. Fuente: Giphy.

Today we will see how to convert more readers into customers by implementing split testing techniques in Landing Pages. And we’ll see it with a couple of plugins in particular: OptimizePress for the creation of these landing pages and Nelio A/B Testing for the tests.

A/B Testing in WordPress

There are many factors that affect the ability of our website to convert as well as we want. Unfortunately, the reality is that nobody knows exactly what works and what doesn’t, so improving your website ends up being a trial and error process. The best method to carry out this process in a systematized and informed way is A/B testing.

As we have already mentioned many times, A/B testing consists of creating several versions of our website with small variants between them (a new title, a different image, an alternative layout), dividing our traffic among the different variants and seeing which of them gets more conversions (that is, people buying something or giving us their email and name).

A/B testing consists of creating variants of our website and seeing which is better at converting visitors into customers.

If you are interested in performing A/B tests on your website, there are several options on the market that will allow you to create alternative content, divide the traffic between each variant automatically, and track and analyze the results of your test. We recommend Nelio A/B Testing for obvious reasons: it’s a native WordPress plugin developed by us that’s super easy to use by any user.

With Nelio A/B Testing you can create and test alternative variants of your pages, posts, headlines, menus, widgets, and so on. Virtually anything that comes to mind in a standard WordPress installation can be tested and improved with our plugin.

Landing Pages And the Important Role They Play in Conversion

A landing page is a crucial page on your website. In many cases it is the first page a visitor will see (hence the name “landing pages”) and in many other situations it’s a page they’ll see when they take a look around after reading an article you usually offer (inbound marketing, remember?).

Many times people think that the landing page is the main page of your website and, therefore, they also think there’s only one per site. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I was saying, this kind of pages are designed as entry points to your website. For example, in Nelio you can see that we have several landing pages for our Nelio Content plugin:

Each landing page presents our product from a slightly different perspective to target the different types of user profiles that might be interested in our product. Thus, the publishers page, for example, focuses on the problems that an editorial team manager may have and highlights the features and functionality that our plugin includes to solve them, whereas the page designed for marketers focuses on the problems people with this other role have.

Why Your Landing Pages Have Low Conversion Rates

A landing page is, as I was saying, the first contact a visitor will have with your website, with you, and with your catalog of products and services. Therefore, it’s crucial that a landing page convey all relevant information for that visitor clearly and effectively.

In a previous post we saw the top 10 mistakes that can be made on a landing page:

  1. Unattractive and Unclear Headline
  2. Too Much Text on the Landing Page
  3. Many Landing Pages Croak with Ineffective Images
  4. Poor Landing Page Design
  5. Using a Slider
  6. Using Long Lead Generation Forms
  7. Not Including an Alternative Contact
  8. Not Including a VeriSign Trusted or Norton Secured Image
  9. Not Including a Money Back Guaranteed Image
  10. Choosing the Wrong Color for the CTA Button

If you think you’re making one or more of these mistakes, it’s a good time to consider running an A/B test and see if you can improve your website. But before that, let’s talk for a couple of minutes about creating landing pages in WordPress, shall we?

Creating Landing Pages in WordPress with OptimizePress

If you’ve ever installed WordPress from scratch, you’ll know that creating visually-appealing pages in a “standard” WordPress setup is quite complicated. Which is logical, considering that WordPress was originally a blogging platform:

Page creation on WordPress
Default page creation on WordPress isn’t very user friendly. You basically get the same editor you do when writing new posts… ?

Since its origins, WordPress has evolved a lot and today is a powerful CMS. This evolution has been possible thanks to the huge ecosystem of plugins and themes that the WordPress community has created over the past few years. And it’s because of this huge ecosystem that today we have numerous alternatives to create beautiful pages in WordPress without requiring any programming skills.

OptimizePress plans and pricing screenshot
Screenshot of the pricing page for the OptimizePress plugin.

A very interesting plugin for creating landing pages is OptimizePress. OptimizePress is a paid plugin that, unlike other page builders on the market, was designed solely and exclusively to create landing pages.

New page creation in OptimizePress
When creating a new page in OptimizePress, you’re shown this simple page. Select the type of landing you want to create, choose a template, and tweak it as you please.

Being focused on landing pages, the plugin features some interesting things that’ll help you get started with landing page design. In particular, when you start the plugin for the first time, you’ll notice it suggests different types of landing pages you can create, and it even offers you several templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch:

Templates available in OptimizePress
OptimizePress comes with several templates you can use so that you don’t start a new landing page from scratch.

Combining Nelio A/B Testing and OptimizePress

Now, back to A/B Testing. If you want to test and improve a landing page using split testing, you first need to create one or more variants of said page. With Nelio A/B Testing this is extremely easy, even with pages created with OptimizePress. In general, the process of creating an A/B test for pages with Nelio A/B Testing is very simple:

  1. Create a new page experiment and name it
  2. Select the page you want to test
  3. Add one or more variants of said page
  4. Define what action(s) should be considered as a conversion (for instance, visiting a certain page or submitting a certain form)

You can see this whole process in the following video:

How to Create Variants of a Landing Page Created With OptimizePress

Creating alternate pages in OptimizePress with Nelio A/B Testing couldn’t be easier. Usually, you’ll want to create alternative content that looks just slightly different from your original version. To do that, you simply need to tell our plugin to create a New Alternative (based on an existing page) and select the tested page as the Source (in our case, it’s called Landing Page). This will duplicate the page you want to test and it’ll be ready for your tweaking it:

Alternative content creation on Nelio A/B Testing
Creating alternative content on Nelio A/B Testing is quite easy: just click on the button, set a name, and you’re done.

Once the alternative is created, just click on the Edit button and wait for WordPress to open the page editor. In this example, the original page was created using OptimizPress, and so the alternative page also shows the OptimizePress editor:

Landing Page created with OptimizePress
Landing Page created with OptimizePress. As you can see, this editor is way simpler and user-friendlier than the one that comes with WordPress by default.

From there, it’s just a matter of tuning a few details and voilà!, there you have it:

Trying a new title in an alternative page
In this example, we simply changed the title of our tested page. Easy and straightforward.

Great, isn’t it? You don’t need to learn how to use new tools or exit WordPress to improve your landing pages. All you need is the right tools in your favorite CMS and a little imagination to create your tests.

Featured Image by Austris Augusts on Unsplash.

2 responses to “Optimize your Landing Pages thanks to OptimizePress and Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress”

  1. vernetta sims Avatar
    vernetta sims

    My question is, Optomizepress & Nelio Plugin is one and the same, the reason I need to know I have someone that is going to build a landing page for me in the morning. And I was told to get Optimizepress.

  2. Antonio Villegas Avatar

    Hi there! Regarding your question, OptimizePress and Nelio A/B Testing are not the same product. OptimizePress lets you build landing pages easily, and Nelio A/B Testing is a split testing service that allows you to test variations of your pages (among other elements of your site). In this article we announced that Nelio A/B Testing is compatible with OptimizePress, which means that the pages your create with OptimizePress can then be tested with Nelio A/B Testing.

    Hope this answer your question.

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