Screenshot of Nelio A/B Testings Hero Image

You should constantly A/B test your site to find new optimization opportunities and so do we. One of our latest tests has been to compare the conversion rate of our landing page with an alternative image background. Instead of this image we’re using right now:


we thought the following one (btw, picture by Sadie Shih Tzu) could improve our conversion rate:


After all, who doesn’t love cute puppies? Well, it turns out that many people don’t like them or at least, they don’t like them as a representation of an A/B Testing service. According to our WordPress A/B Page testing experiment, the puppies alternative, worsen our conversion rate by a 30%

Landing Page WordPress A/B Testing

As often happens, our opinion (cute puppies + playing with their two opposite colors as a great metaphor for A/B testing) was not a good representation of the perception of the majority of our visitors. You should not always trust your instincts. Fortunately, we are aware of our limitations and decided to test the alternative image instead of just go for it. This is a clear example of the benefits of A/B testing, even when the test fails you at least avoid taking the wrong decision. So, no dog puppies for now (maybe we should try with cats? at least cats videos are very popular 🙂 )

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